Thursday, May 08, 2008

After another 10hrs and 600 miles of driving Miles, Rich and myself arrived yesterday to a rainy Fayetteville, Arkansas. The mental case that I can be about training hopped on my bike right after the drive and went for a little ride and did an openar for the following days TT. The others thought I was crazy, but at least mentally I felt better, and maybe a bit physically as well.

Today was the tt, and I won't lie I had some high hopes for this one, but it was not meant to be. After riding the course twice I was looking pretty forward to the race and thought a top notch result wasn't out of the question. I had a decent start and felt great. Unfortunetly during some the steeper pitches at the bottom of the climb for the TT I backed off a bit in fear of going out to hard and not having anything for the end. This may have been costly as I loss some valuable time. I finished 26th, 40 some seconds down. Oh well, thats bike racing. But fear not as there are 3 days of racing to go.

Tomorrow is the longer of the two road races and from what I know the more difficult if I'm not mistaken. We will see. I'm planning on either myself or one of my Rite Aid boys getting the top result we are looking for.

Time for bed to rest up for tomorrow.

Breeze On

One quick shout out to our director who turned a young 38 today, well young when compared to a rider or two on the team. Ha. I'm sure Jon will be happy to know I pointed that out.