Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do you know where we are? We're in the jungle baby. We're going to die. Welcome to the jungle.

Ah some good ole Guns n Roses comes to my mind when we first walked into our new home for the next few days. Saying that our host's hobby is hunting would be an understatement. He has practically traveled the world and from what I can see successfully hunted just about every kind of wild game there is.

We are in the pool/guest/trophy house of this place and it is amazing. It looks like it was an old barn at one time that has been beautifully converted into the guest house. Once again we have found another awesome host to stay with and they have been very accommodating, just like the previous place.

Here is the place we are staying at from the outside.

I knocked, but the King was very reluctant in letting me in.

Luckily he finally let me in, but told me to watch my head.

View from the inside, very spacious.

Robbie and mine bedroom.

A very hungry, hungry hippo.

Here I am finding myself on the hunt. I have a prefect shot on the Bongo, but unfortunately for me and lucky enough for the brown bear he found a perfect place to hind behind the lamp.

Oh crikey, where do you get that wallpaper.

Ok I have to go now. We have to make it over to the main house for dinner and Robbie is being a real Rhino.

Tour of Arkansas starts tomorrow.

Breeze On

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