Monday, May 12, 2008

Joe Martin is done, and I think so our my bike problems. After my final mishap yesterday with 6 laps remaining I believe I have everything squared away now. So now that I don't have to worry about those issues anymore and I can focus on the racing. One thing is for certain though, I do feel more comfortable moving through the caravan now.

I have to give some accolades to Ken Nowakowski who can be found at the Indy Velodrome who came up with a solution to removing a cracked bolt head in a crank. I'll post some pictures since the outcome is pretty silly looking, but it was a practical solution to the problem. All it involved was some epoxy and an allen key that you didn't want anymore. Thanks again.

Robbie and myself went out last night after the taco night at Joses to get ice cream while the other boys finished off some business there. I don't think I have every been with someone who has been more indecisive than myself, well maybe not more, but at least the same. Nah, maybe more, well I guess people find me very indecisive as well. I guess maybe the same. Who knows?

Anyways we went to this strange ice cream place that we both have never been to before. The name of the place is at a lost, but anyways it was not just an ice cream place, it was also a burger joint/mini grocery store. Weird. Anyways we stood away from the register to decide. I pretty much had my decision made in 3 minutes, while Robbie on the other hand stood there going back and forth, and started to think of other places he might rather have gone. A few minutes later he came close enough to making a decision so we jump in line. Of course it was the wrong line for the ice cream and the one lady who was manning the indoor orders was in no rush to services everyone, probably all 3 or us. So finally we make our way to the correct line and she takes Robbie's order and he gets is deliciousness and she walks away leaving me standing there. I stand there for a few more minutes before she came back, which is good because I couldn't decide between Oreo and Reeses, and ask, "Oh did you also need something as well?" Either she's not the brightest light in the lamp or she thought we were on a date and were going to share. Robbie's a good looking guy and all, but I'm happily married to a lady.

Well a few more days before the stage race begins here in Arkansas. This one includes a fair bit of climbing and should be very demanding. I think we are all looking forward to racing again and are glad our season is in full swing.

Thanks to Molly our host for the week here in Fayetteville for being for hospitable and allow us to basically take over 3/4 of your home.

Breeze On


Compton Ass Jerry said...

does the Crit at Joe Martin still have somewhere around 13 corners???

Breezer said...

Lets take it one at a time. First is a left (1), then another left (2), then a small left (3) right (4) chicane followed by a downhill right(5)and a quick left (6) then another left (7), followed by a fast downhill left (8), then another left (9) into long grinder followed by the last right (10). So to answer no, its only 10.

Compton Ass Jerry said...

ok, then they have changed the course since I did the race a few years back. Although I would venture to say 10 corner crits are hard to find.

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