Monday, May 05, 2008

So some of you are probably wondering how the race this past weekend in Arlington went. Well I crashed in the first 3 miles and I didn't have the opportunity to get back in. Absolutely frustrating and that's all I want to say about that. But thanks to Dr. Matt for fixing me up lickidy split riding in the back of the car in the caravan. No easy task. Although the back seat looks like a crime scene.

Next up is Joe Martin and I am really hoping that I along with the rest of the Rite Aid boys can come through with some awesome racing/results.

So while staying at Jon's house over the past week he asked if I would take the team car to get it's yearly state check. So I decided to just do a ride from the car place and pick up the car when I was done. Jon lives in a subdivision that is basically in the middle of nowhere and this car place was 10 miles to the west of nowhere. Anyways it was like a walk in the past. How you may ask? Well I get back from my ride, get the keys to the car in my kit and the dude ask me, "Hey you going to do the Tour de France and be the next Greg Lemond?" I stood there speechless, confused, and looked in a nearby mirror to make sure I wasn't wearing some huge shades and a box shaped helmet that would be in bright neon colors. Once I composed myself I finally just did the usually thing of chuckling it off and saying maybe one day.

One more note: After doing this race this past weekend and my past two season's at the CSC crit which is also in Arlington I've decided that I would be best off not to ever race in that town again. My worse races every year are in the same city! How is that one even possible.

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