Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well now we are in Fort Smith, Arkansas in a hotel for a couple of days before heading to host housing for Wednesday and Thursday, and then back to the same hotel for Friday and Saturday. So a bit of moving around.

It's a pretty nice place, free breakfast, internet, microwave, fridge, and cable television. Also free cookies, and apparently all you can eat free cookies. Just what we need. As we checked in the lady at the counter told us we could eat as many cookies as we wanted and if she ran out she would bake some more. How's that for service? So now I have to avoid the lobby at all times so I don't eat my weight in cookies. But of course this strategy failed. The lady brought us up some blankets and sheets for the fold out couch, and Robbie asked if she was going to make more cookies as he noticed they were out when we arrived back from dinner. She said she would call when they were done. What does she do instead? She hand delivers us a box of fresh warm chocolate chip cookies! Ugh. I don't even let my wife make me cookies because I know I'll end up devouring them.

So I'm rooming with Robbie right now and had turned on the tv before he came back up after breakfast and after flipping for a while I landed on Walker, Texas Ranger. Now I know it may not be the best tv, but at the time I believe it was, and I'll be honest I don't hate it. But anyways Robbie asked if we could watch something else and see if something better was on. I told him there wasn't but knock yourself out. What does he end up watching? Some sort of service program with this lady doing math problems on a white board showing you how to solve equations. Much better.

Here's some photos I snapped fast. Some pre race some post race. Nothing to exciting.

Start of stage one. Walmart now officially has everything including bike races!

Rich putting his game face on.

Robbie doing some pre race ritual.

Bikes at the finish of stage 2.

And as promised here is the bolt/allen unit after removal.

Breeze On

Cookie count: 3

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J Arnold said...

You must be able to justify all the cookies somehow.... carbo-loading?

Thanks for posting all the cool pictures.
Hey, is that a Wal-Mart Pharmacy sign in the background? Hmmm, the Rite Aid parking lot was full, right?

Those “crocs clipless shoes” look pretty comfy....

Are you guys doing the Tour Of Arkansas? Looks like a killer 4 days! God speed!