Monday, June 02, 2008

June 2nd 6 days till Philly

Woke up early this morning to do some team/sponsor representation things in preparation of the Lehigh Valley Classic. Katie and myself drove up to T-town around 6:30 this morning to meet up with a few others for breakfast, a press conference, a school presentation, and we followed all that up with a ride on the course.

The press conference went well as Kyle Wamsley of Colavita and Bobby Lea of Rite Aid p/b Shebell & Shebell Pro Cycling Team fielded all the questions quite nicely. The best part of it all is while we were all standing around afterwards talking casually someone was talking our photos and Katie was in the background a good 10 feet away talking on the phone and the photographer walked over to her and asked her to move. I guess now she knows how much of a big deal I am.

Next Guido and I hoped on our bikes to head over to McKinley Elementary which was all over 3 blocks away while everyone else hoped in the van and had to take the 15 minute drive there because of all the one ways. The directions had you backtracking and over shooting the destination until we finally ended up a block away, but couldn't get there because it was a block down the wrong way of a one way. Anyways we ended up there and the show went flawless. The school was even presented a check from Commerce Bank in the amount of $5000. Good for the kids. It was to help go towards the money they had been raising.

Tomorrow we should have our own little cheering section. Thanks for all the signs and we are looking forward to you guys cheering us on!

After that it was off for a cruise on the course. Of course that didn't go smoothly as we really didn't know the course and by the time we managed to do a lap everyone else had enough. I needed to ride a bit more so I continued on down to T-town and met Katie at Panera for lunch. It turned out to be one of those not so ideal rides before a race, but with everything we accomplished in the morning I can be happy. Also I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon/evening relaxing and prepping for the race tomorrow.

So it's been nice to be able to spend so much time lately with my wife. Normally one of us is always working, of course my working is more playing, and she does more actually in the way of a real job, but it has been nice. One thing I've noticed since we are eating every meal together is that I am constantly thinking of food. I swear after every meal I am always asking her what she wants for the next meal, or dinner the following night. Her response is always can I please digest what I just ate before I think of eating again.

Tonight Stephen and I plan on watching the Prestige and I'll follow that up with an episode of Little Britain with Katie before bed. Can't wait for the racing to begin.

Breeze On


Little Bits of Everything said...

I like the solo pic of you cruisin and the guy in the background left in awe.

Breezer said...

I get the reaction a lot. I didn't even notice it because I'm so use to it. HA! He probably never seen anything like that before as we weren't in a prime riding area.

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