Wednesday, June 04, 2008

June 4th 4 days till Philly

Ok so I missed a day. That is what happens when your race a fairly brutal race. Even though blogging takes no more work then just sitting on your butt and typing, it still takes energy I did not have the other night.

Anyways I have to say that the new course was a great course. Very smooth pavement, good scenery, and a more demanding course then anticipated. With a fairly stack field and attack after attack it was fast pace race. I did manage to get out front once even though it was short lived it was by far no easy task. I think I took a whole lap to recovery from that one. The finish did end up coming down to a sprint finish, though I viewed it more as a drag race then a perfectly executed and drilled lead out. Nothing spectacular, but hopefully we have more success in the up coming races.

One interesting thing though is when I looked at the powerfile I noticed that last year's Lancaster race and this years new Lehigh race were fairly close. On top that Reading is fairly similar as well. So these races are always tough. Here are the basic stats from the race.

Entire workout (248 watts):
Duration: 3:03:20 (4:26:00)
Work: 2731 kJ
TSS: 217.3 (intensity factor 0.843)
Norm Power: 316
VI: 1.27
Pw:HR: 3.62%
Pa:HR: -1.33%
Distance: 134.743 km
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1002 248 watts
Heart Rate: 0 240 154 bpm
Cadence: 29 223 88 rpm
Speed: 5.8 68.2 44.1 kph
Pace 0:53 10:21 1:22 min/km
Crank Torque: 0 107.4 25.5 N-m

Today was a good day as I finally scored myself a new pair of cycling shoes. No more safety pins and floppy velcro straps for me. They are the Shimano R300 and they are awesome.

After getting the shoes mid afternoon I decided to wait for Stephen to get home from work so we could ride together. Waiting for Stephen gave the rain enough time to move in so we had some showers to deal with on our cruise. It had to be one of the more enjoyable times I have had riding in the rain though. Something about it was peaceful.

So now I'm watching the hockey game with Stephen and I am trying not to get to excited in front of the Pennsylvania boy, as he is my host. Let's go Wings.

Ok time to rest up as tomorrow should be another fast 80 some mile race, with a decent climb on the last 3 laps up Mt. Penn. I remember the days of junior racing up there everytime I come back. I can't even believe how far I have come in racing. Just finishing races back then was a good goal. Now I'm racing against some of the best in the world and hoping for a top result. Never give up, huh?

Off the back in junior race up Mt. Penn. Actually though I stuck with it, caught back up and finished 5th or 6th on the day, one of better days as a junior. The placing will never been know for sure as Nathanael (friend of mine from Michigan) still go back and forth on who actually finished 5th.

Breeze On

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