Monday, June 09, 2008

Marathon Bike Race/Drive

Another 250km Philly is in the books. Our team rode fairly solid as Richard made the main break of the day and we had representation in most splits that were break away attempts early on. We didn't have much to loose but everything to gain and my hats off to Rich for riding hard up front for a long hot summer race. My boy G did good to bring me up to the front before the wall on a few of the later laps so our race was going perfect. That was until we hit the wall the 10th time when I just lost all energy and power. I was feeling pretty good, but I just didn't have that little extra humph to get over with pack. It's hard to do 6hr race without eating. I just couldn't stomach any of the race bars I had. Like the doc said I was one pancake short. HA.

As my routine I hopped in the car with Katie straight after the race, went to G's to pick up Lucy and made the trip back to Indianapolis. It is a little crazy sounding, but I just enjoy not having to spend that extra day of just driving. I now have a whole perfect day in front of me. Which I will spend much of it recovering. Besides I had a second driver to share a bit of the work load with as she took a solid 2hrs of the 10hr drive.

Well up next is some serious training to prepare for defending my title at Fitchburg. I have a bit of work ahead of me, but I feel pretty good about my chances. With the team riding better and better and now that we are in the full swing of race mode I personally feel much better.

Ok I think I'll have some breakfast, followed by a nap, and follow that up with some lunch. What a day!

Breeze On

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