Sunday, June 01, 2008

New concept for this week. Ever wonder what the day to day life of rider on a continental team in the US is like during one of the biggest weeks of the season. Well if you read my blog you are going to find out. I'm going to try to update at least every day about the riding, racing, and other stuff that goes along with it. So sit back, relax and read a little bit about my life.

SUNDAY June 1st 7 Days till Philly

Only seven days till the biggest one day race in the US. Yesterday I loaded up the car with all my gear, my wife, and even my dog for the east coast. I think it will be nice being able to have the family along for this one. This will be Katie's first time at Philly, and I think it's something she needed to see. Anyways we arrived at our gracious hosts Geronimo, Jill, and Hunters (their dog) late last night after 650 miles of driving. Nothing too exciting happened except for the dogs trying to get used to each other and that was wild, and now 16hrs later has just finally settled down as they both have laid down for the first time.

Katie and I went to the grocery store this morning to get some food for the week. I think we spent our monthly budget on grocery's for a week. It's amazing how quickly it all adds up. The silly thing is I could have brought some things with me that I already have, such as when I bring these things home on top of what I brought home from the last trip I will now have 3 jars of Jelly, over 50 packets of instant oatmeal, 7 boxes of pasta, and 5 boxes of cereal. At least I won't have to do any grocery shopping for a while.

I then went for a 2hr ride. I'm always amazed at the riding in other places. Here by Geronimos it is a lot more up and down right out the door compared to where I live. The amount of shifting I feel I am doing is crazy. I truly get an understanding of the importance of STI shifting, and heck even a small chainring. Also it's fairly windy today and out riding here you really don't notice it or even have to think about. Back home it's all you think about as your heading down a straight flat road and you have been staring at your next corner for the past 15 minutes wondering if you'll ever get there.

Today is the well known CSC criterium. The boys should be finishing up as I write this. I've never had good luck racing that one, or even any race in the city of Arlington for that matter. When I had the opportunity to race it or not I gladly stepped aside and said one of my teammates could do it. It's a difficult race to do with just driving out the day before, and in the past I haven't had any racing to build into it so it's been tough. I just feel like I can't go into one of the hardest crits of the year without racing much before and on top of that spending the day or two before in a car. The only thing that race as done for me personally over the past three years is shot a bit of confidence I have had going into the 3 big races. Sometimes though it's just one of those things you have to do, not everyday is a glory day and you have to help those out you can do well in races that you can't. I hope it went well for them.

Well the house is quiet with Jill, Katie, Hunter and Lucy all taking naps and I feel that I should follow suite. I'm thinking for tonight I will make the docs famous Chicken Caccitorra.

Breeze On


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