Friday, July 11, 2008

I saw this giant soft shell turtle while out riding yesterday and it made me think of Clayton because of it's size. This picture does no justice as you can't compare it to anything. But trust me it was huge. Kind of a lot like this photo, if you could compare it to another turtle.

Good thing he had me to lead him out so that I could give his lower half a draft.

Climbing up the final climb at Fitchburg. The only thing I take away from this photo is that for the first time I actually see how sweet the 'stache was!

Wish I didn't have pink eye and a sinus infection during one of the most important races for myself and the team. Luckily everyone else on the team was rippin it and we were definitely a present in the race being represented in breaks and with Clayton taking a hard fought second in the NERW series. It was awesome seeing him sprint all the time in races that were fairly fast.

Well doing an NRC criterium tomorrow in Louisville. It is actaully kind of nice having a race of this caliber close.

Breeze On


Anonymous said...
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Little Bits of Everything said...

you gonna be around in early September around labor day for the Priority Health races??? Hope all is well otherwise.

AH said...

Sweet stache, dude. I'd call you "Dirty Sanchez" 'cept we already gave that nickname to Chad Burdaskjragrf;idjfahuiskas.

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