Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jake track racing?

Yes it happened. Last night was the first time in nearly 3 years that I took part in track racing. Not only that, but it not only felt like it, from the outside it probably looked like that as well. So after a half an hour of putting the good ole clown bike together it was time to get on the track and do some warming up. Right from the first moment on the track I knew the night would be interesting.

The first event was most suited to my strength, a 1km scratch race. To be honest I felt just lucky enough to advance into the final. After that was one race I never got the hang of before and that was the elimination. This is where the last rider across the line each lap is eliminated. Some how each time I have done this in the past I have been the first rider eliminated. So I felt like anything after second rider eliminated would be an improvement and something I could build on in the future. I was able to hang around long enough to be the last one eliminated before the sprint for the top 3. I thought there were only 3 of us, but there was 4 and I was gone.

The last event was the 10mile scratch race. Nothing really exciting here except for the end when after 2 riders had lapped the field we were sprinting in for 3rd. In the last two corners I found myself racing my friend/housemate/athlete as he had the sprinters lane and I was coming over the top. It was neck and neck to the line as all I could think about is how I got to beat the protozoa. It was all in good fun as I narrowly took 3rd. Nice job Paddy on that one and your big "W" in the 1km scratch race.

I can't wait till next time.

Breeze On

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