Saturday, August 09, 2008

Currently at the Rochester Omnium sitting in the hotel room with the old man and Billy. That's right Billy is actually not the old man in the room.

Just like last week I'm trying to find things to occupy my time and pass the day away as I wait for a race to begin later in the day. It's even worse this time with the criterium not starting till 8:30 tonight. Billy and I will be heading out for a spin as soon as my personal mechanic or dad as I like to call him changes some tires around for me. What a great guy.

Yesterday was the tt and that went alright, but of course I finished just outside of the top 20 by a second. So I didn't score any points towards the overall, since it's a stage race based on points. Isn't that how it just seems to workout sometimes. Of course someone had to finish 23rd, and why not me.

Ok I better go my ace mechanic has lost his touch along with two tubes in transition of the tires so I better go and help before I have nothing.

Breeze On

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BVDG said...

you going to downers?