Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's August and that could only mean one thing, it's Crit season. Ahh crit season, time to find some fast twitch muscles for sprinting barred underneath a season's worth of slow twitch muscle build up. Good thing there is plenty of green to go for to make it all worth it.

This past weekend Geronimo and I flew the Rite Aid p/b Shebell & Shebell colors again up to the Chicago area for a weekend of racing around Elk Grove Village. With thousands upon thousands of dollars up for grabs we were hoping to get a slice of the pie along with some good ole racing fun.

First up was the time trial that was 4 miles long with a few 180's in it to boot. I had a horrible time trial as I was on a borrowed tt bike that I rode once and was basically just walking around the corners. No biggie, no matter how comfortable I was I would have never came close to the winning time.

The next day was officially called a road race, but more or less was the longest crit I've ever down, which was made even longer by the officials making us do an extra 8 mile lap. What's the difference between 100 and a 108 miles, especially when you are averaging over 26mph. No biggy. The big surprise was that with all the money up for grabs there were only 57 starters, which I believe made the racing tougher. It seemed more aggressive and there were more gaps to fill. I was able to be get in the front split of the race and go for the win, but unfortunelty 15 others beat me to the line. A crash in the last 500 meters that took out Horner really changed up the sprint.

The following day was a sprint training workout. As the break went on lap two Toyota went straight to the front and kept the pace quick. I tried to keep up front to keep the according effect to a minimial, but after Toyota, it was Bissell, then Kelly, then Jelly Belly, then Successfull Living, and before you knew it you were at the back sprinting pretty good out of ever corner. I did this for half the race before deciding to go to the front and work a bit to bring back the break, get some really good training in and to stop sprinting so hard for a bit. Geronimo was set up in a good position for the sprint, but a gap opened in the last corner and with a bit of crampy in the sprint he was just out of a really good finish.

Well all in all it was a good weekend of racing and it should set us up for the next couple of weeks of more crit racing. Although next weekend from what I hear the Rochester road race should actually be a very challenging road race. Should be another solid weekend of racing.

I wonder if Geronimo likes Portland, Oregan or Brownsburg, Indiana better?

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