Saturday, September 06, 2008

It's Game Time.

Maybe the 75th year will be the lucky year for the Lions to make it to the SuperBowl. They looked good in preseason, but that counts for nothing. No matter how many games you winn or loose in the preseason everyone gets to start the season 0-0.

Besides it seemed like every time the starters got a few good plays in they would pull them. I know they get pulled early in preseason, but I'm pretty sure the starters played way less then any others. I believe they were trying to go out on top while they could. Like when a soon to be hall of famer retires while playing just as good as ever, that is of course till they decide to come back. Let's just hope that they don't come out like that someone that is past their prime. I am getting tired of rooting for a loosing team and having to explain it all the time.

"Forward down the field. A Lions team that will not yield. And when the blue and silver wave stand and cheer the brave 'RAH!, RAH!, RAH!' Go hard and win the game, with honor you will keep your fame. Down the field a gain. A Lions victory! Go Lions!"

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