Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Congrats to the follow riders for the completion of the 2008 Breezer True Hilly Hundred.

Jonathan Swain, Joe Kukolla, David Williams, Zack McBride, Mike Sharp, and Steve Godbey.

It was yet another awesome ride. It started off with a bang by being almost run down by a small herd of sheep in the first 7km. Then back in the middle of nowhere a huge tree branch just about took out everyone as it fell just feet in front of the group.

So after all that along with 5 flats, a loose bottle cage, and a quick lunch stop at Subway it was just under an overall 8hr day total. It was 6 1/2hrs of actually riding, 110 miles, 18 official climbs, and 7,700 ft. of climbing.

Less then a year to go to next years event. Be sure to mark you calendars now. Here are some photos.

Breeze On

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Ok this is your last chance of the season to ride the Breezer True Hilly Hundred. We will plan to meet on SATURDAY at the Starbucks in Martinsville at 9am. Sounds like we should have a good size group! Don't be shy and come out for some fun. Check it out. See you there.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Yeah!

Thanks to my brother we will be going to the Lions game on Thanksgiving. I know everyone of you is just totally jealous. Don't even bother to comment and pretend like your not by stating how terrible they seem.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I guess that is one word I could describe my father after the weekend.

It all started out Friday with an innocent 1hr ride. I thought we were rolling easy, but it turns out my dad had spent much of the day in level 3. Whoops. On the good side though I did get to ride his new sweet bike for half the ride. Lucky guy.

Saturday we drove down to the hilly hundred in Ellettesville, IN. Since I had to get back early to meet the wife at a wedding we had to get there and get it done. Well once again it turned into a nice 50 mile tempo ride for my father. We spent most of the day just passing the line of riders from start to finish. It's really amazing the number of riders that take part in this ride. Heck last week on two occasions people were asking me if I was training for the hilly? These weren't even riders. That's how big it is down here.

Sunday we did the Breezer Mini, with Mike Sharp, who incidental wanted to meet up last week but showed up Sunday instead of Saturday. Anyways, of course my dad wouldn't call anything mini about it. It was 80 miles with 13 climbs (my dad would strongly disagree with that number) and it was a total of 5,025 ft of climbing. We definitely took our time on this ride as we just wanted to get it completed.

The silly thing about the ride is that your really never to far from the car. At about 2hrs into I told him the car was only 5 miles away. He said he would have been happy if he just headed that way. But the trooper he was, he continued on. We had our stop in the always crowed Nashville, IN. Not even kidding, there has to be thousands of tourist walking on the streets. Anyways he would have been very satisfied stopping there, but unfortunately I had to be the bear of bad news as the shortest way home just so happened to be the 27 mile route we were taking back. So we hoped on our bikes and just shy of 5hrs of riding for the day we had completed one hell of a weekend of riding.

My dad is completely awesome and we had a complete blast all weekend. Were hoping this weekend turns into a sub 2hr Iceman for him. It couldn't hurt.

On a side note. I spent much of today trying to watch the two hour coverage of the Tour of Lombardi. It only took me 4 times to make it through as ever 20 minutes I would dose off and have to start where I left off. I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't get through it.

Breezer True Hilly Hundred this weekend. Don't forget!

Breeze On

Friday, October 10, 2008

Out Smarting Age

Ok last blog I mentioned old guys and their bag of tricks. Well to you younger guys, if you find yourself getting beat by one of these guys, or even if one of these guys happens to be your father (like mine was), here are a few helpful hints to help you beat them at their own game. These tricks have been tested and performed for myself quite well.

#1 Shift
#2 Lead Out
#3 Dirt Road

#1 Shift. Well time has passed quite awhile since STI first came out, and just about enough time has past for even the old school guys have switched over. But if you happen to find yourself sprinting against one of these guys who refuses to switch over, or for some god aweful reason, such as trying to be a Lance wanna be and they have only the right STI lever, this is the trick for you.

Make sure you line up on their left as you are about to sprint for whatever it is your sprinting for. Once you get out of the saddle and get going, slowly take your right hand from your bars and 'accidentally' slip their downtube level forward. By the time they fiddle with fixing that you will be blowing kisses to the cows.

#2 Lead Out. This one you have to make sure your stronger then the old guy, which takes some time and training. These guys aren't slounchs. But if you are faster and you don't want to get beat by one of their tricks, this one is for you.

About 2km out from something you may sprint for start winding it up. Try to shift down as little as possible. Maybe stand up just before shift down a few gears and slowly wind it up. Making it less obvious the better. Before you know they start drifting back as you are putting them in half wheel hell. Once you get under 1km to go really get it going as by now they are smart enough and have figured out what is happen. If you have going right at their max pull to the side look back with a smile and say "You ready to sprint." If you're lucky you will get a classic response of "I am sprinting!" I love that one.

#3 Dirt Road. This is a new one and comes in as technology has come in. Most old guys and everyone for that matter use to have steel frames and 32 or 36 spoked box rims. Not any more. It seems now adays that old guys now are riding on the fansiest carbon bikes with their deep dish carbon wheels. Here's the kicker. Not only are they riding this equipment, they also bought it with their own money, which they get from having these things called jobs.

Here's what you do. Everytime you see a dirt road signal to go down it. Chances are they won't want to because who would want to crack a $1000 dollar rim, especially when you bought it with your own money. I know I wouldn't, and either would they. Now you can feel like the tough guy and make them feel like less of a man. "I can't believe you didn't want to ride that dirt road."

Remember use these, and others to your advantage. Don't over use them because the old guys will adapt. Remember they have age and experience. Most likely both those numbers double yours. What ever you do though just remember it's all about having fun. Good luck and I'm pulling for you. For now!

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Posse

Introducing my posse!

Here's most of the gang riding. We were missing our favorite hammer head Scott though.

I can learn so much from these guys such as never give up and always attack no matter what. When we get going hard, and no matter how hard, or even if they just fell off the pace and caught back up as we slowed they will always, always attack! It's the coolest thing I've seen. They'll even pull out the 'old' guy tactics. Such as yelling car back, making you sit on the front way longer then you should, or wait for you to grab a water bottle. Luckily the master of 'old' guy tricks, my dad, has taught me most of them and I feel well prepared.

Of course now as fall is settling upon us and the racing season is over, it doesn't mean that we have to slow down at all Tuesday or Thursday night, not by a long shot. Now instead of racing each other, we are racing the night. It's all about getting everyone back fast and before darkness.

However if were not careful the night will pull the biggest trick on us and leave us pedaling home in dark.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Breezer gets a buyer

Joe Breeze, mountain bike pioneer
Photo ©: Gary Boulanger
(Click for larger image)

Breezer bikes is set to expand its reach and range following the announcement Advanced Sports Inc. will buy the bike brand. ASI's purchase includes all assets and trademarks of the Breezer brand and the company also retains Joe Breeze for consulting services on new projects and designs.

One of Breeze's projects within ASI will be to re-introduce a range of mountain bikes. The bike designer was involved in the formation of modern day mountain biking during the 1970s and will now have the opportunity to make a mountain bike that carries his name once more.

"Joe is a pioneer - he introduced great mountain bike products in a market that wasn't ready - and, for the last ten years, he has again been creating a new market in the U.S. for transportation bikes," ASI president Patrick Cunnane said. "Like Joe, I know this is the most important segment of the market to continue to develop.

"Between gas prices, obesity issues and traffic congestion, transportation bikes - Breezer transportation bikes - are the right products for now and in the future," he added.

Breezer joins ASI's existing stable of bike brands which include Fuji, SE and Kestrel, which it acquired last year.

"I'm very excited to join Advanced Sports," said Breeze. "Our agreement will allow me to focus on design and advocacy. Riding bicycles for transportation creates a wonderful path to a better world. As popular as mountain biking has become, I see everyday bicycling as having exponentially greater potential."


Kind of sad that another little bike manufacture is being sold to a bigger company. On the other hand maybe having a new road bike, made with the latest technology just like the Breezer road bike I have, and still baring the Breezer name could be pretty awesome. We will see how this pans out.

I do need to get one of his cruisers for cruising the strip here in the burg. It's pretty silly to be riding around on a fancy race bike.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Breezer Hilly Hundred

Did the recon ride with Swain yesterday. And is was more awesome then last time. Check out the video and pics.

I do have some bad news to pass on though. Team Rite Aid will no longer be continuing. I would like to thank everyone that was involved with the program from Jamie and Jon, to Karen, Steph, and the riders ladies for their help and support, and to all the riders I raced with. It was an awesome two years of racing and I will have many memories for the previous two years. I'm sure I will see you all around. It's just one of the bad sides of the sport.

Well with bad news fortunately enough for me comes a brighter spot. I have signed a new deal with a team I am very excited about racing with. It will be a new contintal team that is based out of the midwest which will be very nice. It is the KENDA PRO CYCLING p/b SPINERGY. Check out the website. More info on this to come later. Can you believe this will be my fifth 'pro' season? I'm getting to be an old man.

Thanks for reading and I hope you continue to for the following year,
Breeze On