Thursday, October 09, 2008

My Posse

Introducing my posse!

Here's most of the gang riding. We were missing our favorite hammer head Scott though.

I can learn so much from these guys such as never give up and always attack no matter what. When we get going hard, and no matter how hard, or even if they just fell off the pace and caught back up as we slowed they will always, always attack! It's the coolest thing I've seen. They'll even pull out the 'old' guy tactics. Such as yelling car back, making you sit on the front way longer then you should, or wait for you to grab a water bottle. Luckily the master of 'old' guy tricks, my dad, has taught me most of them and I feel well prepared.

Of course now as fall is settling upon us and the racing season is over, it doesn't mean that we have to slow down at all Tuesday or Thursday night, not by a long shot. Now instead of racing each other, we are racing the night. It's all about getting everyone back fast and before darkness.

However if were not careful the night will pull the biggest trick on us and leave us pedaling home in dark.

Breeze On


Anonymous said...

Well boys, now we're famous! Great pic Jake; glad to see you introduced the "posse" to your readers. Even though I end up off the back quite a bit, I sure do enjoy our "take no prisoners" riding style!

Steve said...

geez, i think i'm one of those "old guys" he's talking about! always good to roll with you, breezer.

Steve S said...

I am glad I hadn't got blown off the back when Jake took this Pic. Remember - when in doubt - ATTACK!