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Breezer gets a buyer

Joe Breeze, mountain bike pioneer
Photo ©: Gary Boulanger
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Breezer bikes is set to expand its reach and range following the announcement Advanced Sports Inc. will buy the bike brand. ASI's purchase includes all assets and trademarks of the Breezer brand and the company also retains Joe Breeze for consulting services on new projects and designs.

One of Breeze's projects within ASI will be to re-introduce a range of mountain bikes. The bike designer was involved in the formation of modern day mountain biking during the 1970s and will now have the opportunity to make a mountain bike that carries his name once more.

"Joe is a pioneer - he introduced great mountain bike products in a market that wasn't ready - and, for the last ten years, he has again been creating a new market in the U.S. for transportation bikes," ASI president Patrick Cunnane said. "Like Joe, I know this is the most important segment of the market to continue to develop.

"Between gas prices, obesity issues and traffic congestion, transportation bikes - Breezer transportation bikes - are the right products for now and in the future," he added.

Breezer joins ASI's existing stable of bike brands which include Fuji, SE and Kestrel, which it acquired last year.

"I'm very excited to join Advanced Sports," said Breeze. "Our agreement will allow me to focus on design and advocacy. Riding bicycles for transportation creates a wonderful path to a better world. As popular as mountain biking has become, I see everyday bicycling as having exponentially greater potential."


Kind of sad that another little bike manufacture is being sold to a bigger company. On the other hand maybe having a new road bike, made with the latest technology just like the Breezer road bike I have, and still baring the Breezer name could be pretty awesome. We will see how this pans out.

I do need to get one of his cruisers for cruising the strip here in the burg. It's pretty silly to be riding around on a fancy race bike.

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