Friday, October 10, 2008

Out Smarting Age

Ok last blog I mentioned old guys and their bag of tricks. Well to you younger guys, if you find yourself getting beat by one of these guys, or even if one of these guys happens to be your father (like mine was), here are a few helpful hints to help you beat them at their own game. These tricks have been tested and performed for myself quite well.

#1 Shift
#2 Lead Out
#3 Dirt Road

#1 Shift. Well time has passed quite awhile since STI first came out, and just about enough time has past for even the old school guys have switched over. But if you happen to find yourself sprinting against one of these guys who refuses to switch over, or for some god aweful reason, such as trying to be a Lance wanna be and they have only the right STI lever, this is the trick for you.

Make sure you line up on their left as you are about to sprint for whatever it is your sprinting for. Once you get out of the saddle and get going, slowly take your right hand from your bars and 'accidentally' slip their downtube level forward. By the time they fiddle with fixing that you will be blowing kisses to the cows.

#2 Lead Out. This one you have to make sure your stronger then the old guy, which takes some time and training. These guys aren't slounchs. But if you are faster and you don't want to get beat by one of their tricks, this one is for you.

About 2km out from something you may sprint for start winding it up. Try to shift down as little as possible. Maybe stand up just before shift down a few gears and slowly wind it up. Making it less obvious the better. Before you know they start drifting back as you are putting them in half wheel hell. Once you get under 1km to go really get it going as by now they are smart enough and have figured out what is happen. If you have going right at their max pull to the side look back with a smile and say "You ready to sprint." If you're lucky you will get a classic response of "I am sprinting!" I love that one.

#3 Dirt Road. This is a new one and comes in as technology has come in. Most old guys and everyone for that matter use to have steel frames and 32 or 36 spoked box rims. Not any more. It seems now adays that old guys now are riding on the fansiest carbon bikes with their deep dish carbon wheels. Here's the kicker. Not only are they riding this equipment, they also bought it with their own money, which they get from having these things called jobs.

Here's what you do. Everytime you see a dirt road signal to go down it. Chances are they won't want to because who would want to crack a $1000 dollar rim, especially when you bought it with your own money. I know I wouldn't, and either would they. Now you can feel like the tough guy and make them feel like less of a man. "I can't believe you didn't want to ride that dirt road."

Remember use these, and others to your advantage. Don't over use them because the old guys will adapt. Remember they have age and experience. Most likely both those numbers double yours. What ever you do though just remember it's all about having fun. Good luck and I'm pulling for you. For now!

Breeze On

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Don't forget this one, schedule the ride for Saturday and they will show up on Sunday.