Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I guess that is one word I could describe my father after the weekend.

It all started out Friday with an innocent 1hr ride. I thought we were rolling easy, but it turns out my dad had spent much of the day in level 3. Whoops. On the good side though I did get to ride his new sweet bike for half the ride. Lucky guy.

Saturday we drove down to the hilly hundred in Ellettesville, IN. Since I had to get back early to meet the wife at a wedding we had to get there and get it done. Well once again it turned into a nice 50 mile tempo ride for my father. We spent most of the day just passing the line of riders from start to finish. It's really amazing the number of riders that take part in this ride. Heck last week on two occasions people were asking me if I was training for the hilly? These weren't even riders. That's how big it is down here.

Sunday we did the Breezer Mini, with Mike Sharp, who incidental wanted to meet up last week but showed up Sunday instead of Saturday. Anyways, of course my dad wouldn't call anything mini about it. It was 80 miles with 13 climbs (my dad would strongly disagree with that number) and it was a total of 5,025 ft of climbing. We definitely took our time on this ride as we just wanted to get it completed.

The silly thing about the ride is that your really never to far from the car. At about 2hrs into I told him the car was only 5 miles away. He said he would have been happy if he just headed that way. But the trooper he was, he continued on. We had our stop in the always crowed Nashville, IN. Not even kidding, there has to be thousands of tourist walking on the streets. Anyways he would have been very satisfied stopping there, but unfortunately I had to be the bear of bad news as the shortest way home just so happened to be the 27 mile route we were taking back. So we hoped on our bikes and just shy of 5hrs of riding for the day we had completed one hell of a weekend of riding.

My dad is completely awesome and we had a complete blast all weekend. Were hoping this weekend turns into a sub 2hr Iceman for him. It couldn't hurt.

On a side note. I spent much of today trying to watch the two hour coverage of the Tour of Lombardi. It only took me 4 times to make it through as ever 20 minutes I would dose off and have to start where I left off. I don't know what it was, but I just couldn't get through it.

Breezer True Hilly Hundred this weekend. Don't forget!

Breeze On

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