Monday, November 24, 2008

Cross Failure

So all I wanted to do Saturday was a simple and fun cross race. It was the kind where a bunch of guys just show up to a location and race for fun, and even some awesome Zipp products.

Anyways it started Friday when I got the word and decided to do it. The first of many problems I would encounter just to do this one little race was that my cross bike didn't have a bottom bracket in it. Normally not a big deal, but it's a Pinarello with old campy parts, so it requires a squared tapered Italian bottom bracket.

After a few phone calls and an email one of boys from Avon stepped up and said he had one. Not only did he let me have it, he dropped it off at my place for me. Thanks Mark! So by 9pm I had my bike set and ready to go.

The race started at 10am and I was going to meet Joe there a bit early to take a lap or two of the course. All that meant an early start around 8:30. I would encounter my second problem. Whether or not to begin riding when it was only 18 degrees. After some him-hawing I decided to layer up and venture out.

Two miles into the ride there I took off from a stop sign in the drops and realized that some how my carbon bars on the cross bike where cracked and ready to give at any moment. There was so much movement in them. After a brief thought of maybe I'll just ride on the tops which turned into a quick slap to the face after thinking of how stupid that idea was I headed back home.

Still to ignorant to call it a day and just wait later to ride, I made a phone call to Joe to ask about the course. Could I use a road bike? Don't laugh I've done it before and actually finished quite well. He said maybe it's just a lot of grass riding.

Well running low on time I decided to get the mountain bike out and take that. So after clipping off my number plate from Iceman, and putting air in the tires and shock I was once again on my way. Running short on time I had to keep the pace high just to get the race. All was going good and I was going to make it when I was 3 miles away and thump, thump, thump. Flat tire! Seriously? I couldn't even make this all up. Of course on the way out I forgot my spare mountain bike tube.

Luckily for me my wife was only a phone call away and got to me within 20 minutes. Just at the point when I began to freeze in the sub 25 degree temperatures.

Maybe I will try to get to another cross race once I get my bars fixed. I see the Indiana State Championships are on my birthday. Could there be a better way to spend it then suffer hard for an hour?

Breeze On


AH said...

I heard you were coming, so I was curious about the no-show. All the mud was frozen so a road bike would have been do-able (interesting, but do-able).

We're doing it again this Friday at 2pm and Saturday at the usual 10am.

Breezer said...

thanks for the info. I'll be there Saturday. I'm going up to Michigan tomorrow till friday, so I won't make it that day, but for sure on Saturday. Thanks for the info.