Thursday, January 08, 2009

Catch Up

Since my last serious post I have been to Ohio for a team get together and to Michigan for Christmas vacation. Needless to say I've been getting some serious sun.

Team pre-camp was awesome as we gathered at Kenda Tires headquarters. We were introduced to the two guys that have really made this team happen, Jim Wannamaker, and their road development man Stefano Lumbaca. We are getting some awesome support as they handed us some swag and we loaded a couple of vehicles with boxes upon boxes of tires, tubes, pumps, and such.

Along with that we took home a set of protype tires, and the rollers really seem to like them. But more seriously I am really excited to be riding and working with Kenda Tires this year as the tires seem to be really awesome, they are very supportive, and they will be putting us on the best possible tires possible.

I mentioned cars. Here is a photo of one of our new team cars all decalled up.

Along with the new tires I headed home with a car full of stuff including, new carbon bottle cages, 2 sets of featherlite breaks, Hincapie back pack and jacket, a set of lake racing shoes, casual shoes, and gloves, and some Kenda wheel bags. Pretty sweet getting hooked up with swag early on.

A couple of weeks later I headed up to Michigan for Christmas. It was good to see the family and I got to hang out with my good friend Pat. Nothing like catching up. I should go visit him and it wouldn't hurt that he's in Florida. After a few days of catching up and such Katie and I decided to head home early. Mainly me because the weather was warming in Indy and not so much in Michigan, and I really needed to do that whole bike racing practice thing. While it snowed in Michigan the next day I enjoyed some nice 50 degree weather.

Katie and I were fortunate enough to get a Wii for Christmas from her mom. It is pretty awesome, and it's all I've been doing since. The day after we got it I had to have played it for like 8hrs and I could hardly move my arm the next day. If finally gotten use to it and have no problems.

Oh yeah my father and I got a sweet paring knife for Christmas.

Some how my other brother got hooked up with the entire set!

Ok this blog is getting to long and I want to hang out with my wife. So I'll leave you with this piece of eye candy. It's are new team frame.

Thanks for reading,
Breeze On


AH said...

Who the hell is Thompson? They couldn't spell Ryetlewski? (maybe I can't either...)

Anonymous said...

Nice looking team car and frame. Now all you need is your parts from the "equipment manager"


jbhancock said...

Thanks for the update! FINALLY!

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