Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sing Along

I went to Walmart the other day and I don't know if it was just me or the fact that I was there for a good amount of time but it seemed like every 3 minutes over the intercom you would here, "We will, we will, rock you!" One of a number of great songs by Queen, but just this section repeatedly got annoying. But this wasn't the most annoying part, well at least for me. Every single aisle I went down there would be a kid repeating the same line of the song over and over. I'm pretty sure by the end of the day the parents of kids come out more annoyed then I do.

Unfortunately for me though it didn't end there. The following day I just so happened to be teaching Kindergarten for the first time and during some work what does one table start to sing in uni sine, you guessed it, "We will, we will, rock you!" They must have been to Walmart recently or at least seen the commercial.

We did however finish the day by singing two kid classics, a song about a dog named BINGO, and a farmer E-I-E-I-O.

Now onto that bike riding thing I do. We had a blast in Knoxville. Dirk Polman of Texas Roadhouse took us around and on Sunday we were joined with a few of his riding buddies including Tom (one of his neighbors who I stayed with). Everything went great, well except for the first night when the heat went out and I couldn't figure out why I needed my coat on while watching tv in the morning. 55 degrees inside is pretty chilly.

Dirk took us on an awesome ride to the foothills of the Smokies. It's just awesome there. Of course I wanted to to hit a serious climb, while others were hesitant. So luckily enough for me one of his buddies who is also named Jake took myself and Rob up Happy Valley Rd, also known as the wall. No doubt this was the steepest climb I've down since Brasstown last March. It felt awesome getting some sweet climbing in again.

This weekend it's off in the opposite direction to Michigan for a talk to some local Juniors on cyclng. I'm looking forward to sharing some great stories of being on the road, and also my experience as a collegiate cyclist. I'm also looking to riding on the Saginaw Bay off of Lake Huron. Should be a blast. I'm also hoping to pick up my new team bike and riding kit!!

Thanks for reading,
Breeze On


adamrodkey said...

"one of his buddies who is also named Jake"

was that Jake Prater by chance (black c-dale, Campy, ~6'2" skinny dude)?

Breezer said...

exactly who it was, great guy

adamrodkey said...

I figured. He's a Muncie-ite. We're planning on headed down there during his spring break for some hills.

steve weckle said...

Jake, Your visit to our jr. racer spin class was great! I will send pics later. Our group of teens are still deciding if they can race bikes, and your video of the collegiate races you raced in were espescially encouraging. It looked like you had a great thing going there at Marian College.
Our teens will always remember the swag you spread (including your old entire team kits from rite-aid, and prior teams.)

Thanks for your offer to come back. We could use more guidance with our junior development program.

Steve Weckle,
Tri City Cyclists
Midland MI