Saturday, February 28, 2009


Here's some pics from team camp. So far it's been a blast, except for the part where Bennet punked out on going up Paris Mtn. Today is leadout day and maybe a trip up Paris Mtn.

More to come when I get back and have more time. Have to get ready for the testosterone throw down with the sprinters. What's with those guys?

Breeze On

Monday, February 23, 2009


Brent has been so kind to guide me around the riding scene here in Chattanooga, TN. It's been awesome and I'm pretty sure we have hit every climb within a 50 mile radius. We've been able to get some solid riding in, however, he wouldn't let us ride at 280 watts in the valley yesterday like the day before. He continually repeated that we wouldn't ride that hard, and if the pace picked up there just so happened to be some issue with his glove, jacket, or it was time to eat.

Other then holding back the fire inside of me to completely detonate myself on every ride Brent and his girlfriend Jamie have been so kind to treating to some sweet southern hospitality. The first night I was introduced to some dinner casserole that included chicken, sweet corn mix, plantains, and sweet potatoes, it was delicious. For breakfast I have had grits and twelve grain. Then this morning they threw a curve ball and mix the grits and twelve grain together and threw in some apples and raisins and made a little bowl of heaven. Mmmmm. Last night we went to Lupi's Pizzeria for a giant calzone to replenish the calorie deficit. With the size of it, I'm pretty sure it worked.

Life on the mountain has been good. Yesterday we rode right by Brent's house at the end of the ride just to go screaming back downhill and to do the 25 minute drag up the other side. To him it didn't make sense, but for a boy that lives in the flat land, it was just an awesome way to finish a ride. However, recovery rides get a bit difficult, and most rides do finish with a strength workout at 60 rpm, but a guy could get use the spectacular views and overall amazing training.

Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy Training camp starts in two days in Greenville, South Carolina. I hope to put up daily updates with pics, but I have a feeling since it's a higher priced hotel, the internet won't be free.

Picture of Brent desending Lookout Moutain. Awesome!

I hope my wife can make it one more week without me.

Breeze On

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Or the lack there of should be the title. Last Tuesday I came down with something bad, and it has been lingering on for a week now. The last three days I've had a sore throat and can hardly talk. Or as the doc said, he didn't know if I was talking this way because of my sickness or because my testicles hadn't dropped yet!

So I've been trying to take it easy, which has just became hardier as I made the planned trip down to Brent's to do some hard core training yesterday. So as he went riding today in 70 degree weather I sat and stared out the window at the mountains and dreamed of going from gap to gap, up and down. Yet this will have to be saved for another day.

I'm hoping I can get out tomorrow and have a good block on the weekend before training camp. I need to be ready for training camp as I have a certain teammate calling me out already.
Just one more week of miles now… then 30hours in the jeep to training camp, I’m pumped! I’m going to rock Rytlewski’s world on Paris Mountain, I’m comin’ for you Breezer!

So we'll probably have some of the 'normal' team camp riding going on. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. The half wheeling, the sprint for just about every sign, and the "I'm not riding hard, but were riding at 400++watts" It's all in good spirits though.

Ok time to look back in the past again (I'm doing this because the season really hasn't started). In coming down to see Brent and possible seeing Eddy Hilger it reminds me of the best every team training camp ride. It was in 2005 on the Advantage Benefits Endeavour Cycling Team. We were all new and had no idea what the ride was going to be like. We rode from Merced to our camp house half way up Sonara Pass, of course it included 4 mountain passes on the way. The ride included the normal 6 full on sprints in the first 30 miles, a certain rider (all will remain nameless) doing a low gear workout up the first climb (53x12), a couple of riders drinking DIET coke halfway through, one rider turning around for the car, another hitching for a ride home, and just everyone at one point before the finally ascent to the home saying go ahead with out me.

(Myself, followed by Brent, and to the far right is Eddy)

Breeze On

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For Sale

Anyone interested in an FSA SRM. The crank was sent in three months ago and they replaced the battery and recalibrate. I would go ahead and send in the power control and get a new battery in that as well. I'm only selling because I want to try to aquire a Sram one to go with the team.


So for the past two days the weather has been unseasonably warm. Out of nowhere however, I found myself to be under the weather. I started a ride yesterday and was cruising in shorts and jersey, but just found myself to be very uncomfortable, and feeling worse. I had to stop after a couple of hours and just feeling like I could hardly handle the pain in my stomach. I really didn't get home a moment to soon as the flood gates had opened and a night of misery had begun.

Other then this slight set back training has been going quite well. I've been cruising around with my new threads and on my new stead, so basically just looking really good. Also I was able to meet up with some of my old gang in Avon and ride with them. Only two more weeks till team training camp in Greenville, SC. Before that I hope to head down to Georgia to do some training with racing extraordinaire Brent Bookwalter who is just coming from racing in Qatar.

This year will be slightly different then the past. Everyone keeps asking me when my first race will be and to be honest I don't think it will be till April at the Tour of Batenkill. With no Bahamas, no Schabobele this year, and no collegiate racing I just don't see any races before that. Maybe something will come up. No big deal however as I know my possy boy Scott will attack me plenty of times before then to get me ready, as he did 4 times on Sunday. Thanks for the help!

Here's a blast from the past. The season opener in 2006. Just this past Sunday I was out rolling around Heritage Lake remembering the glory days at Marian.

Breeze On

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Threw open the blinds this morning on the patio door and there is a fresh 4 inches of snow gleaming back at me. Not a moment to soon either as the foot that we received last week was just about a distant memory.

Went to the Grass Roots concert this past weekend in Merrillville, Indiana, and it was awesome. It was pretty much my first concert experience ever. Also there were The Buckinghams, and Herman's Hermits staring Peter Noone. Now I love the music of the Grass Roots and thought they were very good, but if you want a good laugh with some good music you should go see Herman's Hermits staring Peter Noone. He was outstanding! This was by far better then any movie or any other event I have been to in a while.

Here's a clip where he went off into pretending his dad was Mick Jagger, and how he was embarresed about how his dad was going to start a band with his neighbors Keith, Charlie, and Brian and dance around like this.

Here's a classic

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone starts racing sooner every year? I thought racing in California in the beginning of March was early, then came along the Tour of California and I believe it changed everything. Now guys are racing in January in the land down under and in South America. There are guys racing now who will be racing all the way till the end of September. I'm getting a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell (of course signalling the last lap of a race). Well camp is only 3 weeks away and then before I know it will be April 18th and I'll be racing again.

Breeze On