Monday, February 23, 2009


Brent has been so kind to guide me around the riding scene here in Chattanooga, TN. It's been awesome and I'm pretty sure we have hit every climb within a 50 mile radius. We've been able to get some solid riding in, however, he wouldn't let us ride at 280 watts in the valley yesterday like the day before. He continually repeated that we wouldn't ride that hard, and if the pace picked up there just so happened to be some issue with his glove, jacket, or it was time to eat.

Other then holding back the fire inside of me to completely detonate myself on every ride Brent and his girlfriend Jamie have been so kind to treating to some sweet southern hospitality. The first night I was introduced to some dinner casserole that included chicken, sweet corn mix, plantains, and sweet potatoes, it was delicious. For breakfast I have had grits and twelve grain. Then this morning they threw a curve ball and mix the grits and twelve grain together and threw in some apples and raisins and made a little bowl of heaven. Mmmmm. Last night we went to Lupi's Pizzeria for a giant calzone to replenish the calorie deficit. With the size of it, I'm pretty sure it worked.

Life on the mountain has been good. Yesterday we rode right by Brent's house at the end of the ride just to go screaming back downhill and to do the 25 minute drag up the other side. To him it didn't make sense, but for a boy that lives in the flat land, it was just an awesome way to finish a ride. However, recovery rides get a bit difficult, and most rides do finish with a strength workout at 60 rpm, but a guy could get use the spectacular views and overall amazing training.

Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy Training camp starts in two days in Greenville, South Carolina. I hope to put up daily updates with pics, but I have a feeling since it's a higher priced hotel, the internet won't be free.

Picture of Brent desending Lookout Moutain. Awesome!

I hope my wife can make it one more week without me.

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