Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Or the lack there of should be the title. Last Tuesday I came down with something bad, and it has been lingering on for a week now. The last three days I've had a sore throat and can hardly talk. Or as the doc said, he didn't know if I was talking this way because of my sickness or because my testicles hadn't dropped yet!

So I've been trying to take it easy, which has just became hardier as I made the planned trip down to Brent's to do some hard core training yesterday. So as he went riding today in 70 degree weather I sat and stared out the window at the mountains and dreamed of going from gap to gap, up and down. Yet this will have to be saved for another day.

I'm hoping I can get out tomorrow and have a good block on the weekend before training camp. I need to be ready for training camp as I have a certain teammate calling me out already.
Just one more week of miles now… then 30hours in the jeep to training camp, I’m pumped! I’m going to rock Rytlewski’s world on Paris Mountain, I’m comin’ for you Breezer!

So we'll probably have some of the 'normal' team camp riding going on. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about. The half wheeling, the sprint for just about every sign, and the "I'm not riding hard, but were riding at 400++watts" It's all in good spirits though.

Ok time to look back in the past again (I'm doing this because the season really hasn't started). In coming down to see Brent and possible seeing Eddy Hilger it reminds me of the best every team training camp ride. It was in 2005 on the Advantage Benefits Endeavour Cycling Team. We were all new and had no idea what the ride was going to be like. We rode from Merced to our camp house half way up Sonara Pass, of course it included 4 mountain passes on the way. The ride included the normal 6 full on sprints in the first 30 miles, a certain rider (all will remain nameless) doing a low gear workout up the first climb (53x12), a couple of riders drinking DIET coke halfway through, one rider turning around for the car, another hitching for a ride home, and just everyone at one point before the finally ascent to the home saying go ahead with out me.

(Myself, followed by Brent, and to the far right is Eddy)

Breeze On


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Have fun at camp.

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