Friday, April 17, 2009

battenkill update

Finally arrived at my uncle's house last night or rather early this morning as it was just after 4am. It was starting to hurt stopping fir gas and such and seeing the gps eta time extend to further into Friday. No worries as we got a halfway decent amount of rest up in the woods before driving the final 45 minutes.

The hotel we are staying at is some sort of church retreat/camp. It has it's ups and downs. Ups are it's quiet, excellent views, and we are spaced out in our rooms and there is a cafeteria. Downs are no tv, you have to constantly think about how your acting or what your saying (of course not a problem for me), and it has a cafeteria.

A couple of us scouted out the final 50km today and from what I saw it's going to be brutal. The dirt sections are long, but the gravel seems to be on the low side which is good. We didn't even do the socalled 18% dirt climb or the longest so plenty of action which on Sunday we will do twice. There is a sweet 5 minute dirt climb 10km out from the finish which should play a huge part into the finish.

Later in the evening we did a meet and great with the locals. The best part was meeting a youngster and when we asked if he was racing he said he was doing the cat 4 race. I thought he was like myself at Toons many moons ago looking like I was 12 in the cat 4 race, but only he was actual 12! Heck Scottie was 24 when he did his first cat4 race. Then we did the press conference that many must have not gotten the memo as only 1 lonely reporter was there. Heck the news crew that was there the prevouis two hours took off minutes before. It was odd.

FYI we are not spooky-kenda if you saw the press release on Velonews. Thats Is something completely different. Hopefully everyone will know who we are by the end of the weekend.

Phone blogging again. Your patients with my mistakes is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the support,
Breeze On

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Smolko v 2.0 said...

Nice job today Snake...apparently so called 18% dirt road sections aint got nothing on you