Monday, April 27, 2009

Brown County Road Race

I did the Brown County Road Race again this year and had a blast again.

I want to start off by saying my dad is a tough man. He did the Willow Time Trial the day before, and not only did he average right around 40kph for the time trial, but he beat his best time there that he did 7 years ago at a spritely 45 years old by 7 seconds at 52. Then he hoped in the car and made the 5hr drive to Indy and started this race at 9am the follow day.

It's not an easy course, especially for someone coming from the farm fields of Michigan, actually it's not even an easy course for a Colombian mountain goat. However he went out there and gave it a shot while most would just decide it was to hard before even trying it.

The man early on going through the switchback. A face of determination, and it looks like he's not even breathing out of his mouth!

The man again, but this time after a few. Not alcoholic beverages, but laps.

My plan for the race was to just go hard and finish up a good hard week of training. It was going just like last year. After the first lap there were 8, the following lap down to six. At the top I started to just roll away as I wanted to keep the pace up and keep going hard. I sat up this time not wanted to ride alone that long. Two laps later I put in a really hard attack up the climb and we were down to 4. The following lap we were done to 3, myself, some guy Roth from Colorado, and Dan Campbell (who is riding very well).

The attack

Around the Switchback.

A few hundred meters to go till the top.

From that point forward I just wanted to keep going hard and not let up to get a good workout. I was just making sure we were still cranking on the rolling section on the the top. I was fine having company and they were riding very good. I figured we'd all go to the line together. Roth however decided to attack at the bottom the last time up, Dan followed, and I sat there doing god knows what. It's like I had a brain fart, or that I forgot we were racing. I finally got my ass in gear and got up right after the top. Then getting close to the finish Dan mentioned us doing a drag race next to each other to the finish, so I hopped up next to him, but Roth decided he didn't want to do that. My sprints not the best, but I figured if I could jump slighty before I could do ok, unfortunelty that turned out to be a 40 second sprint, which of course doesn't turn out to well for the guy on the front. You can't really see the finish till your on top of it, and I took a gamble thinking it was closer then it was and lost. Roth came in first and Dan was 2nd.

The trio climbing.

Still a good time was had by all, well maybe not. I bet the guys we lapped just before the finish were slightly happy in the fact that they weren't going to have to do another lap, yet still be in the top 10.

I must also pass some props to the juniors out there doing the race. I was watching my dad's race which was at the same time and one of the junior coaches was in the same spot watching. These kids, some as young as 10 were just giving there all to get there bikes over this mountain. It was really great to see them out there challenging themselves in hopes to make themselves better. That is all how I started. I never didn't do something because it was to hard (and some of my old results will show that!), but I believe that is what will make you better. KEEP IT UP!

One of the many juniors giving it a go. Sweet.

One last note on this one. One thing that suprised me is that I did suffer my first cramp ever. It wasn't on the 10th, 11th, or even 12th lap. No it was 4hrs later on probably my 30th trip to the basket of chips at the Mexian restaurant in my middle finger. It came from nowhere, and I was shocked, while the rest of the table found amuzement in my pain.

Breeze On


ProMotion at Klipsch Fitness said...

great story, Breezer - especially about the cramp - puberty is a beautiful thing once you experience it!

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