Thursday, April 16, 2009

Driving to Battenkill as I type. Well Todd is doing the driving. I'm taking care of the keeping legs propped up on cooler and of course blogging. Just about an hour ago we left the team wharehouse, aka Chad's garage, and loaded up car 1 with a bunch of goodies and are on our way. Kenda supplied us with some special kriterium tires in 25's for the race. Thanks KENDA!

So far the travel has gone quite well. In fact we stopped by Marco's and I was able to get photos for my racing license that chad has sent out threatning emails for since camp in February. Sorry about the delay, but my dog ate my picture paper.

Ok I think we are under 500 miles to go better get my first nap in or I'll run out of time before I get to my third.

Typed on phone (so more errors then the normal bunch)

Breeze On