Monday, May 04, 2009

Down South

So I'm chillin down south, and I don't mean Martinsville. I'm shacked up Winstead, who must have real life because he is never home.

Anyways I drove down on Thursday in preparation of Sunny King and Joe Martin. We did a couple of rides and drove down to Anniston Saturday afternoon for the night time criterium. Nothing like having the first crit of the season being one at night. Luckily the course was a pretty simple and self explanitory. The home stretch was a drag uphill full on sprint followed by two quick left's and back down you went before making another two quick lefts before the full throttle drag back up.

Team Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy had a simple game plan. Be in every move, and don't miss it. Seems obvious I know, but with 4-6 riders from a few good teams you didn't want to be that one team who missed out. The team rode amazing and Bennet slugged himself to get into the first main move of the day and rode it out with some strong dudes. The only flaw of the whole race was when Menzies (who was in the original move) countered his own move and was off the front again with 3 dudes, but none of us. Ty took a strong dig to get across, but just couldn't get there. Luckily a few teams missed it and with a mix of Jelly Belly, Kelly, and mainly Nic from Rock they kept it close, but not close enough. Menzies who won stayed away with Wamsley from Colivitia. The rest of us were left to fight it out in the field sprint. I took Marco to the front and was in the middle of taking what I was hoping a great lead out into the bell lap before the others took him the rest away, but two guys attacked and things got out of whack. There was a bobble in the 3rd corner causing Marco to loose the front and we miss a great chance for an awesome result. The good thing was that we had 5 of us there near the front at the end ready to finish the job, but just missed it. We are learning to race together and it will come.

Today I did a decent training ride out here in Huntsville, Alabama. I've never ridden in this area before, but it is very nice. Although I have one question for those around here, does every hill around here half to be at 20%? Good grief. The second hill today I was ready to get off and start walking as I thought I was barely moving. I'm not talking like a couple of meters, it had to be close to a km. Once at the top I was ready to turn back home with my tail between my legs and call it day. Brutal. I persevered though and hopefully I am better for it. I did tackle the back side of Green Mtn. twice today. This thing is 2km with an average of 13%, with quite a few steeper pitches. I felt like I was doing the San Francisco GP again. I was wishing I still had my compact for most of the day.

Tomorrow I'm taking off from here and heading to Fayetteville, Arkansas for Joe Martin. Last year was my first year doing the race and I think it is definitely one of the better stage races of the year. I hoping and know that Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy is ready for that big result. We have four chances and an overall. Get ready for the men in pinstripes.

Breeze On

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