Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Joe Martin Update


Well it went ok, not great. I did the time I was hoping for, but it just turned out everyone went faster as well. I guess I'll have to shoot my sites higher next year.

First Race:

Let the disastrous weekend begin. A km or two after the 7km neutral I ended up with a wheel in my derailleur and it pushed my hanger all the way up into my cassette so it wouldn't spin. So I look back to get a bike change and by the time the team car rolled up, and got me a new bike the caravan was out of sight. Luckily Ben hung back and helped me start to chase. We rolled for a while and finally the car came back up and helped us along, and at this time we are in regular traffic. A couple miles later Bennet and Ty roll back and try to help me out so I can get back in the race. We were on our own for a while as the offical had told our car to get back in the caravan. We're chasing, and chasing, and just hanging to far back from the caravan. Eventually the team car pulls over so Tennyson can take a 'pee' and so they ended up behind us again, and so in front of us. I ended up behind the car on my own trying to chase down the caravan at 48mph (on a compact crank) and finally I got back on the tail end. I chased through the caravan and finally after 30km I made it back in. The field is still rolling as the early break is trying to go away, and till it did I was just trying to recover.

My day wasn't quite over there as I did flat at about 120km in, but to a real quick fast change and was the back of the caravan in no time. After all that, a cop car in the middle of a corner a km out and the guy who snapped his chain 500 meters from the line I was just pretty happy to back with the leaders.

Road Race two:

Crash 15km from the finish and a broken clavicle. My dad earlier in the day said he found a lucky penny the day before and said I should get rid of it with all my bad luck the day before. I guess we were to late.

I guess one of bright spots on the weekend was the eating at the waffle house next to our hotel. I was going to skip on day for subway, but subway had a line all the way out the door so it was back to the waffle house. I thought about what I had there and it's quite funny. Here it is in order:
1: Pecan Waffle with side of eggs. 2. Double Pecan Waffles side of ham. 3. Pecan Waffle side of a hamburger. 4. Pecan Waffle side of triple chocolate pie. Guess which day was after the crash?

So in the two major events I've down this season I've had 3 bike changes, 3 flats, and one broken clavicle. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Breeze On


Huck said...

keep your head up mate! hope you are getting better already... talk soon

jbhancock said...

Sorry to hear about the break...good luck with a fast recovery! Sounds like you should prepare for a peak during cyclocross now.

Unknown said...

SUCKS about the collarbone, hope you heal fast!