Thursday, May 07, 2009

Joe Martin

Joe Martin here in Fayetteville, Arkansas starts in a few brief hours.

Yesterday was just going to be the standard pre race type of ride, but turned into much more. It wasn't that it was hard, or long but it at the end of the ride it had that epic ride feel. My father and I started the ride off in the fog/mist/rain for the first half hour. Rolling along the countryside in a new place. I looked at my phone and found a loop that would bring us back down into the den where the tt is, but low and behold the road we were riding turns to dirt.

I still had my sweet Kenda 25 tires on and it felt like I was back at Battenkill. The road was pretty awesome just rolling up and down, slightly muddy from all the rain and there was nothing but hills around us. Of course while out there we made one wrong turn and had to back track a bit more, but it was all in good fun.

Here I am rolling on the dirt. I did clean my bike before the mechanic got it, I didn't want to be a complete a-hole.

All of the team and support finally arrived last night and it feels good to have everyone around gettting ready to race. We went for an easy spin this morning, the staff is doing there thing which is awesome to have and their amazing, and the rest of us are just relaxing.

Send the good vibes this way, it's going to be 4 days of hard racing with a really good field.

Breeze On

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I heard you broke your collar bone at the worst luck race of the year! Is it true? Maybe you should write about it. Just a thought. CT