Friday, June 26, 2009

Game On!

Racing again this weekend. Once again I will be spending the weekend with Chad as we head east one state to Ohio for a weekend of racing with some of the other fellas. We will be racing Hyde Park Blast in Cincinnati and Tour of Grandview in Columbus. Both days should be good old hot and fast American criterium racing, the perfect final prep before the 50th Fitchburg Longsjo Classic.

Training has been going really well lately and I've finally started to feel like I did before the accident. I've also been able to finally come to terms with the heat and feel much better riding in it then I did two weeks ago. I felt pretty comfortable doing some time trial efforts yesterday in the 90 degree heat.

Well starting tomorrow the next 8 days should be and will be exciting and busy. Two races this weekend, pick up my dad from the airport on Monday, drive to Fitchburg on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the racing begins again on Thursday with a new TT. I'm a bit bummed that this year we will not be making the final acent up Mt. Wachusett due to some construction as it is the only 'uphill' finish all year.

Easy riding in the morning tomorrow then it's off to Ohio with Chad. I'll keep you all posted. More frequent updates, pictures, and maybe a video or two to follow over the next week.

Breeze On