Saturday, August 01, 2009

Elk Grove Continues

What was that? It's hard to even come up with an explanation of the so called 'road race' at this years Elk Grove. I can only image it to be like a sock being washed. First you get tossed around in the wet, you try to hang on as you go to the drier, then you deal with a bit of heat and wind, get tossed around a bit more trying to stay coherent, and finally you try to hang on again to make it out.

So basically it was just a 150km criterium. There were plenty of attacks and occasionally a couple of guys would get off, but nothing to serious as the wind was a tough battle and few of the other teams wanted a field sprint to grab crucial time bonuses in the sprint. Sure enough Ouch took over in the last two laps to bring back the finally break of 2 or 3 riders and lead it out for Menzie's to take the overall lead. We tried to set up Chad again for another sprint, but he just didn't have it at the end so we were left a bit behind. Matt did manage to squeeze out a solid top 20. Hopefully tomorrow with the shorter distance and more fluid course we can work something out. It's only a 110km criterium as opposed to the 150km one we did today.

Onward and Upward

Breeze On

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