Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Elk Grove Finishes

Sunday was the Elk Grove Criterium and the last stage of the race. The course has changed from previous years in that this year there was only one 180 and 4 other corners in the 1.2 mile course. On tap was 55 laps or a short 66 mile criterium.

The pace was fast from the gun especially when a dangerous 9 man break took off on lap 3 which got a quick reaction from Ouch and the pace jumped. Sitting anywhere near the back was no picnic as you would be doing a full on sprint from the last corner to the start/finish line which was 500 meters away. After 10 or so laps that break did come back and a two man break took off which leveled the pace of the group.

From this point Scottie and I just played leap frog keeping each other towards the head of the race. Staying up front wasn't to bad as I was on a good day. The annoying part was the dudes taking to the sidewalk cutting the 180 corner and would end up 10 places in front of you. As the race went on it just turned into almost a train of riders cutting the corner. I refused to cheat that way, I know it's part of racing, but I would just use my legs and pass them back on the home stretch. It started to get a little hairier with less then 5 laps to go as one guy even t-bone Heckman as they were coming off the sidewalk back onto the road and caused a wreck. Winstead came flying up in the last 5 laps and battled it out for a top 15 which was pretty stellar.

Now I am officially ready for 3 more weeks of crit racing with all the sprints I have done over the past two days. It's basically enough for a whole season. Maybe my peak power will creep up. May I tickle 1200 watts. Time will tell over the next 3 weeks.

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