Saturday, August 01, 2009

Elk Grove

Last night was the short bomb around Elk Grove with the 7km time trial. I had no grandeur of really being super competitive in this one as I haven't been focusing much on high end time trial efforts like this and without super fast tt wheels I knew it would be a struggle to even make the top 20. I was right on. However though it was a great opener and I am ready to take on the next two days with my teammates and hopefully we can score some results.

Today is a "road race" or at least that is what they are calling it, but according to the map it looks more like a giant crit as there are 26 corners in the 15km circuit that we will be completing 10 times. Should be a very interesting and hard race with guys sitting so close in the GC race, and the race for the money in the individual race.

Wish us luck.

Breeze On