Monday, August 17, 2009

Mass Ave Criterium

On Saturday I headed to downtown Indy to help my teammate Chad defend his title at the Mass Ave Criterium. It was just the two of us for this one as the others were up in Chicago preparing for the Pro-A race at Downers. The original plan was to do both, but...

It was a pretty standard race tatics used on the day, don't miss the break and if it's a field sprint take Chad to the line. We were pretty good right from the beginning in not really missing any moves and being close enough to one or two we didn't get into to bring it back quickly. After a quite hard 30 minutes of racing with the tight 3 corner crit, Chad got up the road with 2 others. For the longest time they only had a 12 second gap or less, but the teams not represented couldn't bring it back. Eventually the field sat up for a lap or two with 9 to go and the gap ballooned to over 25 seconds with Chad drilling the break.

Picture from one of my riding buddies in Avon, Steve. Thanks.

In the end Chad took off a bit to soon in his sprint and Texas Roadhouse Jon Grant was able to come by right at the end. I took my hands at a field sprint and sat behind the Texas Roadhouse train to the last corner and after getting bumped a bit I ended 3rd in the sprint.

After the race I decided that was a good enough openar for me and I didn't want to push it to much before the big crit day the following day. I really wasn't feeling awesome so I figured a short hard day like this should work out great.

So we drove up to Downers and watched the Pro-Am race and got ready to take part in the USPRO Criterium Championships.

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