Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Not Quite Yet

My 5th year at the USPRO Road Race Championships finished up much like the last 4, slightly more then a bit off. This past weekend was my fourth race in Greenville and unlike the past two this year I didn't encounter any mechanicals (that hindered my result), but just didn't have the legs on this particular day.

The Kenda Pro Cycling team came prepared with a strong lineup of 10 riders only to be caught out with 5 as the first 30km's left half the team out with a crash, and a couple of mishaps. Then the five of us pressed on only to miss out on a silly split coming back into town after the first lap. Scottie, Matt, Chris and Ty backed myself and Justin up well as they took to the front to bring the split closer so the race would come back together. After 15kms of chasing, a trip over the mountain, and back down the 4 minute gap was wiped off and we were all back together.

After the 3rd ascent I was on my own in a much smaller group as the field had been fallen apart from the fast pace being set. Unfortunelty on the final ascent I didn't have the position, nor the legs to stay with the front elite group. After all was said and done I ended up in the third group on the road, attacked out of it coming into the circuits to try to get to the next group, only to be brought back with 2 circuits to go and finishing up 19th. Not what I had in mind going into, and not what I'm only capable of. Just didn't have the legs on this particular day and everyone else road strong. I had a great team to back me as well. Luckily for me I will have another shot at it next year as the race will remain in Greenville and I really believe this is a course that suits me very well.

Thanks for the support,
Breeze On