Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Richmond Twilight

Last Saturday night was something you don't see everyday, a local twilight crit. There are a few staples in cycling in the Midwest during the Labor day weekend with the Gateway Cup in St Louis and the series in Michigan that includes Erie St. Crit in Canada eh. But with being away from home the past 5 weeks I decided a nice weekend at home would be nice and I could still get a race in.

I got a nice ride in the morning and spent much of the afternoon just waiting to leave while watching college football. Eventually the time did come to leave and Katie and I were off to the race in Richmond, IN. The course looked fairly tight, and word on the street was that it wasn't all that safe with pedestrians, dogs, and frisbees making there way onto the course throughout the day. I also noticed that lack of light fictures concerning me as I knew we would be racing in the night.

I sat on the side of the road as I watched the 5 women race growing tired and not feeling like warming up, but more like getting ready for bed. As there race ended I entered the course to take a lap or two, and not only noticed the ligths going up on the course, but the light going on in my head telling me I was ready and excited to race.

It was a smaller field as I'm sure the previous races mentioned took a bit away, but still there were plenty of quality riders. Jim and I just had to be with everything and see how things would unfold. He covered the first few Panther and Texas Roadhous attacks, and soon enough strong man Paul Martin took off. I knew it was my turn and one of us better get on it. So I went after it with Greg Strock and another rider on my wheel. We bridged up in a lap and soon our advantaged built up quickly.

Soon it was just Paul, Greg, and myself rolling around the course which was very fun to do, especially with just the three of us. The only thing that was giving us difficulty was the pace car getting in our way. Just over halfway through the race we did make it around and lapped what was left of the field.

From here Paul and I each took a couple of chances of attacking, but neither one of us really gave an inch. Some how with less then 6 laps to go I found myself alone with Paul and Greg who each had one teammate as what was left of the race was just in front now. The last few laps I spent thinking of how I could win the bike race. I haven't really won sprint latley so I thought this would be the time I'd try attacking. With a lap to go I took my chance opened up a slight gap, but Paul's teammate Greg, brought me back into the fold a half lap later and it would come down to a sprint that I would not be ready for. So I ended up 3rd. I took a chance, but this time it didn't work out, maybe it will next time.

So that leaves me with one road race weekend left which is this weekend in PA at the Univest Grand Prix. Friday is a team trial, Saturday is the famous road race, and Sunday is the Doylestown criterium. I can't wait for Sunday, crits are my thing.

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