Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hilly Hundred Weekend

Well the big annual event that is know as the Hilly Hundred has come and gone. Ever since moving to Indiana for college this is the weekend that has marked the start of my new training season. Although since doing Iceman last year and this year it's turned into just a fantastic weekend to get some good training in as the preparation for Iceman continues. Funny thing is that one of the guys I was riding with Shawn asked after I told him I was doing Iceman if that it was the end of the 2009 or the beginning of 2010. After some thought I guess it's sort of an early kick off to 201o as my break for 2009 is over and all focus is on 2010.

The weather on Saturday wasn't quite ideal, but as long as you were moving it wasn't so bad. I had met up with Chad, his wife Whitney, and a few of our friends. It's the kind of ride that you usually don't ride hard, but is to fun to ride hard as you will find yourself passing a line of cyclist from start to finish. Like I also jokingly would tell people as I saw them on course, "No time for chit chat, working." We took the first half of the 50 mile loop rather relaxed and stayed as a group. Then stopped for some fried chicken and cookies at the stop before taking off again.

Certain circumstances led to a few of us picking the pace up a bit and before I knew it we were cruising down the road at a good clip. Arriving to the finish pretty quickly Chad and I decided to venture out for another quick 50, and a quick 50 it was. Luckily by the time we had made it back to the halfway point they had some jugs of water as I was out and needed something as the poptart I had for breakfast wasn't lasting. After that quick stop I got my second wind and we're back at the start/finish 35 minutes faster then the previous lap.

That night a friend of ours Greg and his wife had people over at the house for a get together. It was pretty awesome as they had some awesome food. Ribs, pulled pork for sandwiches, beans, coleslaw, corn muffins, cookies, and some kind of peanut butter cheese cake. I sure made up for the calories missed during breakfast, burned and then some. The rest of the evening was just a chit chat session mostly about nerdy things like biking.

The following morning after having cookies and a bowl of cereal for breakfast, Chad and I headed from Greg's to the hilly and hopped on the course and started to ride backwards to meet up with everyone who drove to the start. I can't explain how annoying it was to hear others yell out and tell us that we were going the wrong way. As if the thousands of cyclist going the other way wasn't enough of a clue. Once we met up with everyone we took it a bit easier, but soon came up on Bean Blossom, a local climb. After going up that hard it turned into much of the same as the day before. Chad I and I told ourselves we weren't going to ride hard, but we both just love it. Don't let him fool you either. I rag him alot, but he loves to go hard as much as I do, but most the time he needs someone to start for him. We make the perfect training couple. We did regroup at the halfway point for some more chicken and cookies though, just enough time for Todd Lee to switch our bottles, helmets, and gloves around on our bikes. Good one.

All in all it turned into a pretty hard weekend of training for October. Actually it would be pretty hard in July. We finished with 9hours of riding and 8200 Kj's.

So I made it home finally around 4pm on Sunday after what I considered to be my busiest week in a very, very long time. Working and riding on Monday and Tuesday leaving home at 7am home at 8pm, then riding Wednesday morning before driving to Michigan that night for funeral services Thursday and Friday, driving home Friday arriving in time for my father in laws surprise 50th, driving to the hilly on Saturday, going to Gregs party after, and finishing with the hilly on Sunday. Now I know what normal people feel like. Especially my dad who I spent Thursday with, or at least part of it as he arrived home from work at 12:30am, getting up at 8:30 am, putting my mountain bike together in the morning, going out to lunch with his brother for my dad's birthday at noon, and being back just in time to catch his ride for work at 1pm. Repeat weekly. Wow.

Breeze On


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? I am riding my rollers tonight . . . on a fixed gear!!!! So there. - Chad T.

Breezer said...

Like my old director Wirsing. By the time he got home, had dinner, did kid things, watched a bit tv with wife he was on the trainer by 9-9:30.

Will Swan said...


Hey! You should try retirement. Every day is the same, I never get a day off.

Breezer said...

That's funny because when I told my wife I wanted early retirement she said I had to work first, and I'm pretty much the same as being retired now.

How's the back country of the US? You seem to be getting around well.