Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Had a substitute gig for the day. The morning started off rather different as they had an assembly in the morning. The school actually hired this act of three dancers to perform for 40 minutes. It was like watching the first additions to any reality show such as Americas Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and American Idol. I don't watch those shows, but Katie does and thats how I know. It was pretty funny and I laughed inside the whole time.

The rest of the day was horrible as it was marked by lying and annoying kids. Including the time they told me they had to leave earlier for another class before they had and basically storm the door I was standing in front of. I held my ground and let them go when it was the correct time. Then another kid asked if he could get a drink of water well over 100 times before asking if he could use the batheroom another 100 times. And this was all in a 45 minute time frame. He said he was going to go right there and I told him to do what he needed to do, and he didn't. I called his bluff. I should play poker sometime.

After school Katie wanted a snack so as I tried to cool off from my day we drove to a pizza place so she could eat some breadsticks, then headed for home.

Once home I needed to go for a ride, not because Andy put it on my schedule, but because I just needed to get out. It was a very pleasant ride and it was awesome to get out and enjoy the nice weather. I just cruised at Birdman's speed (200watts) and took it all in. It was just peaceful and pleasant and made me realize how lucky I am that this is all I have to do 90% of the year.

The best thing on my ride was seeing a boy playing with what appeared to be a giant dog from far away. As I approached I saw it was no dog at all, but a goat, yes a goat. I wasn't really in the country either, it was a western suburb of Brownsburg, just before the country, but it was a nieghborhood. There's nothing like seeing a boy and his goat.

I came home had a shower, made dinner, and plopped in my recliner with a blanket and got set for Monday night football as it was already 8pm. I made it through about half the first quarter before zoning in and out and after halftime I called it quits before taking Lucy out and heading for bed, as tomorrow is going to be another long day. I give mad props and always have to those with full time jobs and families, that can ride at a competitive level. It's no easy task.

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