Monday, December 07, 2009

A Day Off

Nothing really do with cycling, but yesterday I got to go to the Lions vs. Bengals game in Cincinnati because my wife and father in law bought me tickets for my birthday. I was so pumped to go, and my dad made a trip down to go with me. We had an awesome time, even though they didn't win, yet again.

Our seats were in what you would call the 'nose bleed' sections as it was as high up as you could get. I was a bit nervous at first with my little fear of heights. I've been high up in stadiums before, but this was the first outdoor one and I was a bit freaked out. It didn't take long though and I was over it.

My dad and I went to Red Lobster after for a delicious seafood dinner. I rarely get to go to seafood places as Katie doesn't like the look, taste or smell of seafood, and that's putting it lightly. Thanks for dinner dad, and once again thanks for the tickets Katie and Joe.

Breeze On