Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Longest Week

This past week was the longest week I've ever down, or at least it felt like it. Here is an arial shot of the monotonous route ridden every day. It was the only route that was cleared of snow and over 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

I can't remember a week as bad as the one we just had. It was pretty much the same for everyone everywhere.

Ok enough with the bad week because I'm moving forward. Today was the first day of the new year that I rode my bicycle outside. What a concept, and how much more fun it is to ride outside. Still it wasn't glamorous or above freezing, but the next few weeks look like they should be. Birdman and I will be able to continue are friendly rivalry this week. Although I'd have to admit I'm a bit nervous as he showed up the other day with cycling tan lines. He clearly wasn't riding where I was riding.

Our team camp is approaching fast and so is our first race, Tour of Taiwan. Hopefully the bad weather will stay away.

Breeze On


Anonymous said...

Oh you whiny pro. I had to ride indoors for a whole month before the weather broke! Go Bucks! Love from your favorite DS-A!

joe1265 said...


Anonymous said...

Bring on the bad weather and below 0 temps! On go the running shoes and into the cold lonely and serene night.

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