Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year

I have yet to ride my bike outside this year, and it's looking like it could be a few more days. A winter cold blast has settled in the area. If there every was good time I guess it would be now as the birth my daughter came last weekend, and there is so much that goes into that, I've put cycling on the back burner for a few days.

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday and my parents came down for a few days to visit. We have had relatives over just about everyday. Most of them have brought over dinner which has been really awesome. Yesterday Katies mom visited for a few hours, and Katie and I both did the same thing, took a nap. We are just starting to get into the groove now of taking turns getting up, and sharing the work load.

Come Monday it's all back to business as it will be only 70 some days till Taiwan. (You can check Kendaprocycling on Twitter for the official count) I've been really happy with my offseason training so far and the last week has been a nice little break before it's full on once again. Also Chad is back from Florida. Yeah Boy!

Breeze On