Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Not Yet

I have yet to ride my bike outdoors this year! Some brutally cold weather has settled in and seems to be making itself rather comfortable. I'm not in the only area dealing with the cold as much of the nation is, but cold in the south would relate to seasonal in the north. I've been just hoping for temperatures to reach 25 so I could get out, but they've been barely flirting with 20. Tomorrow seems like a decent day and might hit 25, so I think I'll finally get out for a ride. Of course that night we are expecting snow to start falling and could receive any where between 4-7 inches. Go ahead pile it on winter.

So I've been sweating like a old man in a sauna just trying to keep some fitness I had put in before Christmas. Luckily for me I'm fortunate enough to own a set of TruTrainer rollers. Thanks for giving me a set Jeff. I've had them for a few years and they do make riding indoors a lot better then regular rollers or trainers. If I'm going to be stuck inside much longer I might have to ask about their new set that has even more resistance for higher wattage intervals.

This season is sure creeping up fast. I don't know whether it's the fact I had a few winter races to focus on, the baby, or the fact that Kenda Pro Cycling has a countdown to the Tour of Taiwan posted on their twitter everyday. The number keeps getting smaller and the weather just seems to get worse. I believe we are almost under 70 days now. I'd better get sweating.

Breeze On