Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Flys

Boy has the past couple of weeks flown by. The weather turned ridable and so I took complete advantage of that and got some good riding in. With also having the new baby at home, and spending more time on the bike, time certainly flew by the past two weeks. Other then riding Madelyn's and I schedule was pretty much the same: eat, sleep, and poop.

I was also able to finally get some good quality time in with teammates Rob and of course Birdman. It's just not the same riding without Chad right behind me talking trash. They are both riding so good right now, and from what I hear about the rest of our guys it's going to be an awesome year.

Training camp is fast approaching now. It's only a month away. I'm looking forward to meeting my new teammates, reacquainting with the old ones, and of course receiving all the awesome sponsor products we get. We get the best products available. Be sure to check them out.

The biggest news so far would be that we are 47 days till the Tour of Taiwan, of which the Kenda Pro Cycling Team p/b GearGrinders has announced their roster. Chad Hartley (USA), Jake Rytlewski (USA), Jonny Sundt (USA), Phil Gaimon (USA) and Stefano Barberi (BRA).It's going to be a killer squad. One of, if not the biggest race of the year for Kenda is the first. We are going there to win, and will give it our all.

Look for a lot more info soon. Such as more on training, videos, and sponsor products as they come in.

Breeze On

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