Monday, February 22, 2010

Super Secret Training

After a week of being sick I took off in a car with my dad and headed to secret location for some training. Katie and Madelyn joined us a day later as they flew in so they didn't have to bother with the long duration in the car in search of warmer weather.

Luckily we were able to find some warm weather and sunshine. Thank you to my Aunt Denise and Uncle Rodger for letting us stay in their home.

There aren't many better ways to finish a ride then meeting your family on the beach. Like much of the country this so called location was cooler then normal, but coming from Indiana upper 50's to low 60's work for this guy. The nicest day I developed quite the sunburn which left me to cover up problem areas such as my lobster claws the rest of the week. Sunscreen will be bolded on the list of things to take to camp and Taiwan.

Got to go out riding with my dad even a couple of days for bit. He did pretty well for a guy who hasn't ridden his bike in a while. He has a method of riding really well for a week or two, then taking month or longer off.

Enjoying the sunshine. I can't wait till we get to some normal temperatures back home.

After dropping Katie and Madelyn off at the airport my dad and I jumped back into the car and headed to location #2 where I would meet up with Birdman and do some more training. I prefer this location for training way more, even though it may be cooler. It's hard to beat this type of riding though.

The wife loves the beach, while I love the mountain view. Here's my dad at the top a of 3 mile climb that averaged 10%. The last bit was a mere 20-25%. His face shows it. Although I don't know what he was complaining about, he was the one with a 34x26. Maybe he should look into a triple.

Here's Chad giving the thumbs up after the climb. 4hrs later at the top of the same climb he would be making the same gesture towards me but with a different finger. I guess you could get that way after climbing 9000ft coming from the flat lands.

The second day we joined a nice group for part of the ride and it was nice to have some company. I know Chad enjoyed it as he sat at the back being his normal chit chatty self. After an hour of riding the group told me that I was going to go a different way that had a couple of nice climbs. I tried to talk Chad into going with me, but after yesterday he was done with the big climbs. I didn't really want to do them myself, but the group basically pushed me that way and on I went. When I caught back up to them 45 minutes later the group size had myestersly shrunk in half.

The best part of the ride as Dirk showing us the local spring to fill up our bottles with. Nothing like fresh mountain water.

Now back in Indy the dream week is over. It's currently 33 with rain/mist/fog. Luckily I only need to get through 4 days of this before it's off to training camp in Macon, GA. I'm ready to get the new equipment, gear, and mostly bonding with old and new team members. Hopefully I get to daily updates at camp.

Breeze On


jbhancock said...

Your dad has mastered the art of periodization. One month off followed by on week HOT. Repeat as necessary. Recover with Bell's Oberon during the warm months, Sam Adams Octoberfest during 'cross.

Good luck at camp!

pgr said...

JB, it's the only way to roll!

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