Sunday, February 28, 2010

Team Camp

Made it to team camp with Rob Bush a couple of days ago. We ended up splitting the drive up a bit to make it less stressful and actually get a ride in on the way down, which was super awesome.

I've spent only a few days in Chattanooga last year, but ever since that time I've wanted to go back and ride on the climbs around the area. It just so happened to be on the way to camp and Rob and I decided to do our ride there.

Here I am at the top of the "W" climb. Pretty awesome switchbacks at the top as you can see.

We ended up with over 8,000 feet of climbing in under 70 miles. It was an awesome ride and I can't wait to get back again.

From there we continued on. We arrived in Macon on Thursday night and spent much of Friday receiving the rest of our clothes, equipment, bags, bikes, and such. Also on Friday we got our professional bike fits done by Jim Baldesere who does an amazing job. The amount of time he spends on everyone is incredible. He makes sure everyone is 100% comfortable. The process includes measurements of the whole body, tracing of the feet, lazers, levels, tweaking and shimming. It's quite the scene.

Saturday we did our first team ride. It wasn't anything super exciting, but everyone got to get on their bikes and get a feel for them. Also it was a good time to talk to the new teammates while on the bikes.

Here we are waiting and tweeting.

Some of you have already noticed that some do not have bar tap. Well they didn't want to put bar tape on before fitting as levers would be moved all around. Chad told them they could put some on, but Frankie told them to harden up and they need not to bother with bar tape. It's a luxury, not a necessity.

We have been having our team meetings every night where we have been introducing ourselves to everyone as most of the team is new. We've discussed our likes, dislikes, goals, sponsors, plan for the week, and so on. We have already met some of our great sponsors as they are here with us at camp. So far it has been Tim with Masi, Stephano with Kenda Tires, and Chris and "The Don" with Mercury.

Today some our going to a LifeTime fitness to do some V02 testing and meet with members up there to ride. While others will be staying around and doing a longer ride. I'll be doing the latter as I need some more time on the bike to get ready for Taiwan then a V02 test.

2 more days till Birdman shows up! New bike photos coming. Maybe this afternoon after ride.

Breeze On


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