Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Back at it.

Well I've finally adjusted to being back home, being on the right time, and having a schedule. It has made the most recent days more enjoyable. The nicest thing is being able to stay up past 7:30pm and not being up every hour past 2am and getting up at 5am. I was getting up more then Madelyn.

Today I was greeted with awesome temperatures, but at the same time the very familiar flat Indiana wind. I'm not quite sure of the speed of the wind, but on the straightest longest stretch with the wind I was flying, without even putting that much pressure on the pedals. This is not an embellishment.

Tailwind Stretch:
Duration: 14:00
Work: 201 kJ
TSS: 10.6 (intensity factor 0.675)
Norm Power: 240
VI: 1
Pw:HR: 1.14%
Pa:HR: -1.29%
Distance: 12.256 km
Elevation Gain: 13 m
Elevation Loss: 16 m
Grade: -0.0 % (-4 m)
Min Max Avg
Power: 42 347 240 watts
Heart Rate: 124 140 133 bpm
Cadence: 47 97 90 rpm
Speed: 41.4 62.9 52.5 kph
Pace 1:00 1:27 1:09 min/km
Altitude: 288 299 294 m
Crank Torque:8.5 34.5 25.3 N-m

To bad I had to turn the other way and go much slower at a higher effort. Oh well you can't have it all.

Tomorrow I'm heading out with my teammate Rob Bush again and we are going to do some Battenkill prep as that race is only 18 or so days away. Suppose to be really windy again, and also warm. Hopefully the nice temperatures don't make us soft.

This weekend is a criterium in town around the Major Taylor Velodrome complex. Look for Rob, Birdman and myself to light it up! It's really a strange feeling to have teammates at a local race as I've never had teammates that lived in the same town.

Next weekend is the biggest race of the year for Kenda p/b Geargrinder, well at least that is how I feel after talking to teammate Chad Hartley. The whole time through camp and at the Tour of Taiwan this is the one race that is brought up constantly. Once again we should have a strong team and I think as many as 6 riders. Not bad for a local race. Now we just have to show up and take care of business.

That's all for now.

Breeze On

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Few Good Pictures

The Kenda team outside Bus 2 with Jimmy Yeng (president of Kenda) before the start of stage 3.

On the stage after signing for the team presentation. We did this for every stage. The start of each stage was a mini festival. Each stage had something different, from dancing dragons to children doing some type of rope with a top act. Should've had video for that one. As you can see we are giving the thumbs up. It's pretty much everyone's favorite pose in this country.

The two top dogs of the UCI showed up in Taiwan for the last few stages.

Getting a few words from Frankie on stage 3 during my break. I was leader of the whole stage race at this point.

Who does this guy think he is? I'm so going to light him up the next three weeks because of this.

Breeze On


Well I missed a few stage post. But as the stages went on I grew a bit more tired and the internet grew a bit harder to come by. We started staying at not so great hotels, followed by two of the nicest I've ever stayed at, but of course the internet was a pricey investment at them.

Stage 4 was a circuit race. It was probably the worst course I've ever ridden on. We rolled out of town onto this 8km circuit that was on service roads next to the expressway, with two U-turns on each end. There were many breakaway attempts, but due to the high speeds it took a while for the only real break to get away. Once it did the race settled like normal for a while before the big chase begun. We had are guys stacked nicely at the front coming down to the end and gave it a good go, but came up short. We started just a touch early.

A view of the circuit race as we passed under the highway at this section.

Stage 5 was the queen stage. It had two climbs stacked back to back towards the back end of the race. The plan was to get Phil in position to attack on the second one. I was going to attack on the climb before the categorized climbs to catch a few off guard. Things changed through the race as they decided not to have me attack that early and just play a wait game as the pace was high. Phil and I got over the first climb good and I got bottles before heading into the second. Just as I handed them up the pace picked up and I was at the back as the fireworks went. I was caught out, but Phil was nicely positioned and attacked everyone. He got away with 1 other rider and headed towards the finish. I sat behind the teams desperately chasing hoping he would make it. The kilometers couldn't click by fast enough and with the 40km between the top of the climb and the finish they were able to bring him back 3km from the finish.

The scenery did pick up through the race a bit. Here is the first Cat 1 climb on the day.

Stage 6 was looking like our last day to take back the 8 seconds we needed for a victory. But it also left two days for a guy from the Japan team who was winning sprints and climbing well to take bonuses. We had not only think of fighting for first, but not loosing our podium position. The best thing for us were breaks going up the road without contenders taking bonuses.

Right from the get go on stage 6 the pace was high. There was a nice Cat 2 climb in the first 20km. The field was strung out as we hit the base of the climb and the break went from the bottom, and the field sat up.

The next obstacle was a Cat 2 climb halfway through. Once again Phil had no problem getting to the top with a small group and I was right behind with a few more. The groups mostly came together as we went right back down. The Asian teams went straight to the front to bring back the break looking for time bonuses. Luckily for us they came up 1km short. But with the break back and some rollers on the way there were some fireworks. Everyone started to attack. Including the yellow jersey. Phil and I started to mark those who were important. Phil was all over the dangerous moves.

Chad dug himself deep and made it back to the group after the climb and was able to mark the Japan rider as we headed back into town for the finish. His job was simple make sure he doesn't get any time bonuses. That his what he did as Chad finished strong in 5th and the Japan rider was 4th. Everything remained the same in GC.

The second climb on stage 6. It was more narrow and had a really steep pitch at 1km to go.

The final stage was a criterium in downtown Taipei. Right in front of the second tallest building in the world. Our objections remained the same as the previous day. A break went away and took out the first sent of time bonuses. Not without the Japan rider trying to bridge solo. Luckily Chad was on it and I was right behind. I got in a break before the second one and took some time on that one. Jonny Sundt took over from there getting in the next break and making sure they did not get caught. He turned himself inside out to pull the break around the last few laps as everyone else were playing games. He helped the break stay away, all bonuses were gone, and took 5th at the same time. The field rolled in 5 seconds after.

Taipei 101. The worlds second tallest building. Never did get a chance to go to the top. Next time.

Well we didn't win the stage race overall, but we did finish 2nd. Phil rode very strong and the team was able to support him which was great. This year should be a very good one for the Kenda boys.

More on Taiwan to come. So much to talk about. This was the boring race blog description.

Breeze On

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We woke up this morning and actually a bit through the night to some rattling windows in our hotel, and come morning looked out to see the wind was howling. This day was much different then the last two with cooler temperatures and wind that was blowing the hardest it has been.

We had a bit of a longer transfer to the start this morning so we loaded up on the bus and headed there. This time was different also in that the start and finish was the same. The finish of this stage was nice 800meter hill, with a a straight run into 1km before making two sweeping corners onto the climb. But first was the one and only KOM on the day at 14km in and of course the wind. Our plan was fairly simple, cover moves on the climb, guide Phil up the climb so he could take some KOM points, be ready for the crosswinds, and then line up the team for Phil in the finish.

Everything started of pretty well. We were covering moves up the climb, and helped Phil towards the end of climb. Then we started the decent. I happened to follow a move at the bottom and who would have thunk that was it. One guy from the Polish team bridged across to join the Asian guy and myself. We just slowly pulled away and built up a good gap of over 5 minutes 60km's in.

For a while there I was really starting to think this could be the move. The wind was strong, but never terrible early on. Mostly cross, and a bit of tail. We were taking steady even pulls the whole way. Around 30km's to go we started to pick up the pace as the gap was down to 3 minutes, and the pulls got shorter. This also just happened to be when we made the final turn for a while and hit a head cross. Our pace dropped a bit, but we continued to work hard. With 10km to go it was less then a minute as the cars were being pulled from behind us and we could see the field behind us. At one point it looked like it stretched back out again. Under 2km's to go I took a pull and flicked the guy to come through. I glanced back and didn't see anyone. Then I looked a bit further back only to see the head of the field come flying by as we hit the 1km banner. Oh so close. I thought for sure this would have been the day.

As hard as my day was I think Chad Hartley's day may have been harder. After 50km's or so Phil flatted so he gave up his wheel. With the team car up with me Chad was hoping to get a wheel from neutral support who just so happened to pass him up. Now what? Well you wait for the broom wagon and take a wheel off one of those bikes, and that is what he did. So after slogging on his own for 75km's with 6km's to go the broom wagon tells him to get in. He says no way and finished the final 6km's to make the time cut and start tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a circuit race and then there are two road races with a few climbs. Things could get interesting over the next few days. Phil is still sitting pretty in the GC and that stage win is still alluding us.

The finish of stage two after the race.

Chad and Jonny on the bus on the way home.

Breeze On

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stage 2

Stage 2 is in the books. Not really an overly exciting stage as a break of 4 went early and with no GC threat, Asia Giant (team with leader) took to the front and kept the break close. They held it at a gap of 60-90 seconds. From there we just kept our man Phil out of trouble.

It was a bit windy today and every so often teams would come to the front and you would think that they were going to blast it in the gutter, but it never unfolded. There were a few touchy moments when everyone would notice that and think the same thing and it would be a mad dash to get everyone to the front.

The break was finally realled back in on the second of three 9km closing circuits. From there it was just fast, followed by attack, and such. Unfortunately we didn't get things together well enough and couldn't pull out the win, but we have a few more chances to get it together. The good news though is that Phil moved up into 2nd overall.

After each stage we have a bus transfer to the next start town. Today's was a fiasco. First of all we're pretty quick to get to the bus and get change. Today we ended up sitting on the bus ready to go for a good hour. Then when everyone finally got on it and the race was ready to head out the caravan vehicles had to stop for gas. So a stop for everyone to fill up, then we headed out. It was a good 1.5hr drive. So by the time we finished the race till we got in our hotel rooms was a solid 3hrs. At least we weren't in our chamois that long, like a few others.

On tap for tomorrow is another 135km. It has a KOM in the first 14km and there is a kicker with 800meters to go. Hopefully we get a good plan and can execute it tomorrow.

Breeze On

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Update

I'm pretty tired after today's stage and don't have much energy to write a blog, but here's a quick low down.

Today was a 135km stage and we started at 1pm. It was sunny and 90 degrees. Right when the flag drop the race was full on from start to finish. We did are best covering as many moves as possible.

With under 60km's to go a bigger group had a gap and a Polish team lit it up to bring it back. They put it in the gutter and motored at over 50kmh and brought it back quickly. From there Phil attacked at the right time and got away in a small group. Then some more guys went and I followed. I kept picking the wrong moves and ended up chasing a bigger group with one other guy for the last 15km's. It hurt. It was slightly uphill and into a head wind. I was pretty blown from the heat and earlier moves. Just didn't have quite enough or follow the right guys.

Phil blasted it though and finished 3rd on the day. It was an incredible ride. The rest of the groups were all over the place on the road.

Tomorrow's stage is 130km's again, but hopefully it simmers down a bit. Today was quite the way to start the season and open up the legs. Ouch.

6 more days to get it done.

Breeze On

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's On

The 2010 season opener for myself starts today in a place I wouldn't have expected, Taiwan. It is a 7 day stage race with 5 road races, a circuit race, and a criterium on the final day. The Kenda Pro Cycling Team p/b GearGrinder brought an awesome crew which includes Chad Burdzilauskas, Chad Hartly, Phil Gaimon, Jonny Sundt, and myself. We also have an amazing staff directed by Frankie Andreu, John Columbus our mechanic, Janis Burns our soigneur, and of course the man who has put together this awesome program that has been building for six years now Chad Thompson.

Why are we in Taiwan? Well mostly because Kenda tires are located right here and they wanted to show off the team. Also what a great way to get out of the box and doing a race that will be a little different. While we are here we also plan to visit the bike show after the last day of racing in Taipei. Also we are doing a ride after the race with the people around here and for another great sponsors of ours Masi, which are also made over here.

Last night we had our first real discussion into the race. It's finally starting to feel like racing season. We talked about our race plans for the week, but more in depth about our race plan for the day. It was kind of cool getting directions from Frankie Andreu. I'd love to share our plan, but I don't want to give out our secrets. But really there aren't that many secrets basically we expect it to be aggressive, so we will be right there in the action. Today is a 135km's and the last 5km's is a straight run in at around 2%uphill. There are two KOM's along the way early on, and two sprint lines later on. The KOM's don't look to be very big at all, but they could be a launching pad. Today could be a day for a Chad. That's all I'm saying.

Well other then that I'm still trying to adjust to the time change. It's basically just the opposite over here. When I'm use to sleeping, here I'm awake, and visa versa. So around 5pm here at night it's like 4am back home so I'm staying up through the night, which I never do. I've been tuning into a zombie around 6:30 just staring into the distance. The last two nights sleeping after 2am gets tough. I usually seem to be getting up every hour just hoping it will be morning when I look at the clock. The good thing is that I do feel fine when I get up and ready to go.

Ok off to breakfast, then I have to pack my things, and it's off to the race. Apparently the whole race rides to the start together including caravan. I guess it's going to be like neutral before the official neutral section. I wonder if guys will fight for positioning? Hopefully the next place has internet as well so I can keep this thing updated.

Breeze On

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pre Ride

Just got back from our pre race ride. What a fiasco it is riding around here. Lights, cars, scooters, and monkeys everywhere. We did find a nice little hill to ride up, around, over, and even Birdmans way, through a tunnel. There was a school up there and some military base that we kept ended up at with gates blocking the road and guard men carrying large flashlights. The view would have been spectacular if it wasn't for all the smog in the air. That also made breathing a bit tougher. Good news is that everyone seems to be good after the flight and little frisky. It's going to be a fun 7 days.

Check out the not so clean air hovering.

One of the many monuments/stations on the hill.

It's pretty warm over here right now. Good thing there was the shop with some water. It made for a good little break.

The local bike shop

Last one for this post. Can anyone tell me something very interesting about these bikes? Look at them close. I know they are the same type, color, and such. Maybe the first to post will get a set of free Kenda socks.

Almost forgot. Here is one of the many monkeys.

Breeze On


Well last night I didn't stay up as long as I hoped. Around 4 to 5 got really tough as the eyes felt heavy. I was able to get through that time frame and make it off to dinner around 6.

We ate at the buffet down in the hotel think. Think China Buffet, just not Americanized and not as good. The best thing on it, which actually was really good was the sushi. I feel like I'll be eating a lot of sushi and rice for dinner the next few days. Of course things could change as we change hotels in a couple of days.

As we sat around the dinner table everyone looked like Apollo Ono getting ready to race a short track race yawing. At one point Frankie said my eyes rolled back and he thought I was gone. I felt it and reminded me of being back in school trying to stay awake. So we strolled back to our rooms and started to watch a bit of tv. There wasn't much on. But it could have been because I was flipping through stations with my eyes closed. By 8:30 I was out.

At one point I woke up, rolled over and looked at the clock. I saw it was 11:30 and I was like, no way, that's it! It's going to be a long night. i did get a little scare in the night as I went to the bathroom and as I opened to the door to get out Chad was standing right there. Scared the crap out of me. The rest of the night wasn't to bad, but by 6 Chad and I were up and heading to breakfast by 7.

Breakfast was a bit better by dinner. They had eggs, bacon, ham, toast, and hashbrowns. Nothing other then the hashbrowns tasted great as they tasted just like McDonalds. The yogurt though with cereal was quite good. The pastries also were good.

Then of course I can always take some food from Chad's stash that he brought with him. Frankie did say though that if he get's dropped up any hills he is going to confiscate it. So I'll be pulling Chad up every hill if I have to.

Now we are getting ready to go for ride. This should be interesting. More on that later.

Breeze On

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Made It

So we made it to our first hotel for the Tour of Taiwan.

It all started a very long time ago, in a land very far away from here. It was Wednesday morning around 11:30am when I was driving to the airport when I received a call from our director Frankie that my flight had been switched and that instead of flying out at 1pm I would be flying out at 7pm. No worries as I live relatively close to the airport and I swung it around. Wish I would have known sooner, but I made good with the time.

So now I had a good amount of time on my hand, and low and behold it was the nicest day of the year, even better then any day I spent in Florida a couple of weeks ago. It was 70's, sunny, and not to windy. What else would a cyclist rather do then ride his bike? But my stuff was all packed. No need to worry though, I have more then enough things to ride with, extra Lake shoes, Rudy Project Helmet, Hincapie cycling clothes, and even Masi bike.

So after my sweet ride I took a shower and spent some last precious moments with the family. Then once again we jumped in the car and headed to the airport. We also picked up Chad who was leaving at a later time.

I had dinner in the airport before leaving on a 4hr+ plane ride at Q'doba for one last dinner. I had a gift card I received from Chad for my birthday and apparently the Q'doba in the airport isn't affiliated with the 'real' Q'doba so I was out of luck, and I was left with $8 less and blank stare of utter confusion.

So I bored the plane heading for LA with the intentions of staying up the whole way and only sleeping on the plane to Taiwan. It was going to be a late night, and I'm normally in bed by 10pm, so this was a daunting task. The only thing that kept me going was the goal of beating Mario Brothers for my Nintendo DS. However I was unsuccessful in my attempt as I stumbled forever in world 8. I hope to concur this on the return trip.

Once in LA it was a short 8min walk to the international terminal where I would bored my plane to Taiwan. By the time we took off it was after 1:30am back home in Indy and I was still up. As the plane started dashing upwards, my head began to rock downwards. The only thing that kept me from completely passing out was the guy next to me rocking in pain because he had to to pee so bad because of the beers he drank. Once he was out and back, I was out, only to be awaken for dinner being served on the plane. Who eats dinner at 3:30? Well I guess when you're flying nothing matters.

So after eating it was back to sleeping. I must have passed out good because I have no idea when they took away my tray and when the tray table went up. I was able to get a solid 10hrs of sleep in which felt nice knowing that the best way to acculate to the time change is sleep at night time. Only problem with this is that when I woke up it was around 3am Taiwan time, meaning it's going to be a long day.

By 3:30am (Taiwan time) it was time for breakfast on the plane. A one egg omelet, with 4 tator tots, a few slices of fruit, and a roll was on the menu. Just enough to get you through the next few hours on the plane. Once I arrived in Taiwan we met up with the rest of the crew. There was some confusing with passport problems, and loss luggage for a couple of the guys, but at least the race organization had someone waiting on us like promised.

So we hopped aboard a bus and headed to the town that will host stage one.

The Peter Bus. The only way to travel

They even turned on a tv for us, and the driver had a little tv he could watch himself. Made for some good driving. Of course once we got on the bus what was the one thing everyone asked for? Starbucks. So we ended making a nice 20min loop around town just so some could get their coffee. It did go well with our boxed lunches of 4 assorted pastries, and by lunch I mean second breakfast as it was only 8am. And really even calling it a meal would be a stretch. But they were showing awesome hospitality.

After a couple of hours of driving we stopped a second time for a break. This time our driver kind of disappeared for a while which led us to have ample time to scope out the scene.

Chad got a vibrating massage.

To bad Rob wasn't here. He could have got some eggs.

His mom packed him about 6 cartons of hard boiled eggs for camp. I'm pretty sure he ate everyone of them.

After the stop we hopped back in the bus and found out we still had another 3hrs to go. Luckily it went by rather fast and we arrived at our first hotel. Once we brought are bags in, we headed for lunch. We were going to eat in the hotel, but they closed at 2pm for lunch and we were a minute late. Once you leave the hotel for food you know you better have an open mind. Well how about an open restaurant on the corner with no walls and a buffet.

Just grab a tray and some chopsticks and have at it. It's kind of like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get. All for a reasonable price of around 70-100. ($2-3 US)

Frankie liked it!

Of course there is the always reliable 7 Eleven. Conveniently located every few blocks.

Walking around the streets here is like being in the game Frogger. There's car, but then there are hundreds of scooters zipping around. The best way to get across a street is to not hesitate and keep your head on a swivel.

That's it for now. It's 4pm here and I have to try to stay up another 6hrs. My 5th meal of the day is just around the corner, so that will be nice. Hopefully someone saves me a fish eye. I hear thats a delicatessing around here.

Breeze On

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Living out of a bag.

So I got back from camp on Sunday and it was this morning that I finally got all my bags cleaned out. Of course that was just in time to repack them for the trip to Taiwan tomorrow. The biggest concern is making sure I have everything because there is not turning back and getting it or even shipping it.

I was so happy to get home to see and spend time with the family and now it's back on the road I go. It's the life of a pro racer. Things are going to be quite different when I get back from this trip. Madelyn will be going from 2-3months, sunset will be going from 7 till after 8 with daylight savings, winter will have given way to spring, and Katie's dad will be going from single to married.

So I leave tomorrow at 1pm and arrive in Taiwan on Friday at 6:30am. So basically I'm not going to see a Thursday this week. Let me know how it was. Of course I'll keep everyone update on how the future is. I'm really excited about the layover in Alaska. I've never been, and even though it will be in the middle of the night only for an hour or so, at least I'll be able to say I've been to Alaska.

Ok I've better check my bags again to make sure I have everything and spend some last precious moments with the family before I head out. I made Katie some apple crisp as it is her favorite and I might have to try some as well. I hope to be able to keep the blog updated as we roll. Wish us luck. I'll be in the future.

Breeze On

Monday, March 08, 2010

Team Camp Review

Well team camp absolutely flew by. I can't believe the twitter countdown to camp is over and that time at camp is been done with a few days now. Now it's only 6 days till the season opener, the Tour of Taiwan.

This team camp was much like many others. Get up at a decent time, eat breakfast, go for a ride, shower, eat, nap, eat dinner, and have team meetings.

I showed up a little earlier to camp to make sure my bike was ready to go, which it was thanks to our new ace mechanic John Columbus. Then I was able to be first in line on Friday to get a Wobblenaught bike fit done by teammate and fitter Jim Baldesare. I'm not really aloud to devolve to much information into the fit process, so be sure to check out theie website. The Inferno team has had them done for 6 years now, and I had it last year and have no complaints and am very comfortable on the bike.

Saturday was our first team ride. We did a lighter ride for 3hrs as we got comfortable with our new shoes, bikes, positions and such. Sunday half the team did a V02 test and the rest of us did a longer ride.

The rest of the day followed a schedule that was very similar to this. Wake up around 7:30 and head down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. On the menu for myself was either oatmeal with peanut butter or a waffle with peanut butter, an egg patty, banana and some orange juice. Then I would spend some time on the computer and get ready for the ride. Most days started off cool, but since we are so pro, we had a car follow which would allow us to drop clothes off into once it warmed up. We hit the road by 9:30 for about 5hrs. We did some pacelining, the occasional leadout, took photos and on the last day an 8 mile race (more on that later).

Once back from the ride, it was off to the shower, grab a snack, maybe a nap and every other day a massage. We then would get together and head off to dinner around 6. This was probably by far the most painful thing to do all day. When you go to a restaurant with 20 or so people, service sometimes isn't that quick. Which I can understand, but being hungry doesn't help. But, it's nice to have everyone sitting around chatting and getting to know each other.

After dinner we would have a team meeting every night at 8pm. We went over race schedules, meeting everyone, meeting sponsors, talking about products, contracts, drink hot chocolate, and get some more products. It is quite the scene when you set out a box of free product to see how everyone goes after it. It takes a while, but once one or two go in, it's on. Thanks to all our sponsors. We have more then enough.

Like I said earlier the rides were pretty relaxed for the most part. Just getting some miles and time in. We did some pacelining occasionally and a leadout. The biggest hit on the ride were the sandwiches packed by the best soigneur, Janis. It seemed like every ride everyone was not only eating more sandwiches, but also earlier in the ride, and packing them in their pockets. The first ride it was 2.5hrs in, then two, and by the last ride it was 40minutes in. Whenever someone had to adjust something, or fix a mishap, it was sandwich time.

The last long ride we had an 8 mile 'race'. This went down like the first 1hr crit of the year. Every one was super gun ho, not overly fatigued and ready to go. It was attack, after attack, after attack. Just like we need to race. The only one knowing where we would end was the ride leader and local rider, Christian. He gladly sprinted to the top of a hill that looked similar to all the others and pointed out the left hand turn. For a young kid, that's a very veteran move.

The last day was set aside for photo day. We rode our bikse down into Macon and took some team pictures at previously scouted out locations. The first was a fire house (as Chad Thompson is a fireman himself), and the other was an abandoned school. Thanks to our photographer Blair Fraley who took some amazing shots through the week. Of course its easy to make photos look good when your subjects are so awesome looking. I'm sure we rank right up there with the Victoria Secret Models he's used to shooting.

Here's the Taiwan Crew

The Kenda Pro Cycling Team p/b GEARGRINDER

Yours Turly

I hitched a ride back with Birdman and Jeff Rhodes. We did stop on the way home for a ride in Chattanooga, TN just like I had on the way down. Chad and I lit some matches, and we both got sum. It was a great ride and an awesome way to finish off a great week.

6 days till Tour of Taiwan.

Breeze On

Monday, March 01, 2010

Group Ride

Here is a video taking by Scottie while on the ride yesterday with his nifty helmet cam.


Here is a photo I took from the ride today.

Today we did an awesome long ride with a leadout workout and a few sprints towards the end for fun. Of course all the efforts took place when Frankie got behind the wheel of the car and he started yelling out directions. We have a really strong team, and I'm getting more excited as the days pass. Camp seems to be flying by, which means Taiwan is not that far off.

Birdman arrives tomorrow!

Breeze On

2010 Team Bike

Here is a picture of our 2010 Kenda Pro Cycling p/b GearGrinder Team Masi bikes. This is the training bike. You will see more red on the race bike as in housings, bar tape, and grouppo.

Talk about sweet combo. Nobody will have nicer training wheels. Full on carbon Mercury clinchers 38mm with Kenda tires. All race wheels will be Tubular Mercury's with new Kenda tubular tires.

Breeze On