Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's On

The 2010 season opener for myself starts today in a place I wouldn't have expected, Taiwan. It is a 7 day stage race with 5 road races, a circuit race, and a criterium on the final day. The Kenda Pro Cycling Team p/b GearGrinder brought an awesome crew which includes Chad Burdzilauskas, Chad Hartly, Phil Gaimon, Jonny Sundt, and myself. We also have an amazing staff directed by Frankie Andreu, John Columbus our mechanic, Janis Burns our soigneur, and of course the man who has put together this awesome program that has been building for six years now Chad Thompson.

Why are we in Taiwan? Well mostly because Kenda tires are located right here and they wanted to show off the team. Also what a great way to get out of the box and doing a race that will be a little different. While we are here we also plan to visit the bike show after the last day of racing in Taipei. Also we are doing a ride after the race with the people around here and for another great sponsors of ours Masi, which are also made over here.

Last night we had our first real discussion into the race. It's finally starting to feel like racing season. We talked about our race plans for the week, but more in depth about our race plan for the day. It was kind of cool getting directions from Frankie Andreu. I'd love to share our plan, but I don't want to give out our secrets. But really there aren't that many secrets basically we expect it to be aggressive, so we will be right there in the action. Today is a 135km's and the last 5km's is a straight run in at around 2%uphill. There are two KOM's along the way early on, and two sprint lines later on. The KOM's don't look to be very big at all, but they could be a launching pad. Today could be a day for a Chad. That's all I'm saying.

Well other then that I'm still trying to adjust to the time change. It's basically just the opposite over here. When I'm use to sleeping, here I'm awake, and visa versa. So around 5pm here at night it's like 4am back home so I'm staying up through the night, which I never do. I've been tuning into a zombie around 6:30 just staring into the distance. The last two nights sleeping after 2am gets tough. I usually seem to be getting up every hour just hoping it will be morning when I look at the clock. The good thing is that I do feel fine when I get up and ready to go.

Ok off to breakfast, then I have to pack my things, and it's off to the race. Apparently the whole race rides to the start together including caravan. I guess it's going to be like neutral before the official neutral section. I wonder if guys will fight for positioning? Hopefully the next place has internet as well so I can keep this thing updated.

Breeze On