Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Living out of a bag.

So I got back from camp on Sunday and it was this morning that I finally got all my bags cleaned out. Of course that was just in time to repack them for the trip to Taiwan tomorrow. The biggest concern is making sure I have everything because there is not turning back and getting it or even shipping it.

I was so happy to get home to see and spend time with the family and now it's back on the road I go. It's the life of a pro racer. Things are going to be quite different when I get back from this trip. Madelyn will be going from 2-3months, sunset will be going from 7 till after 8 with daylight savings, winter will have given way to spring, and Katie's dad will be going from single to married.

So I leave tomorrow at 1pm and arrive in Taiwan on Friday at 6:30am. So basically I'm not going to see a Thursday this week. Let me know how it was. Of course I'll keep everyone update on how the future is. I'm really excited about the layover in Alaska. I've never been, and even though it will be in the middle of the night only for an hour or so, at least I'll be able to say I've been to Alaska.

Ok I've better check my bags again to make sure I have everything and spend some last precious moments with the family before I head out. I made Katie some apple crisp as it is her favorite and I might have to try some as well. I hope to be able to keep the blog updated as we roll. Wish us luck. I'll be in the future.

Breeze On


jbhancock said...

Have an awesome time, and post as often as you can!

RC said...

Give'em hell for the MI Scene!!!

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